9 Health Benefits of Having a Kitchen Garden
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“Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.” — H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


According to World Health Organization (1948), good health is not just meant to be the absence of illness and adverse health symptoms; it directly implies the presence of quality of life with positive emotions and a sense of happiness.


The health benefits of having a kitchen garden and making efforts to keep it well maintained are uncounted and recognizable. They may range from enhancing nutrients in your diet to keeping you off from chronic diseases.


Hence, if you are living with the life of gardening freak with the voice in your head of starting a kitchen garden, it’s for a good.


kitchen garden



9 Amazing Benefits

We will give you nine amazing benefits of doing it today!


Grown Self-Esteem

For those who often feel on their thumb to be conspicuously not green, gardening may help them convert to a go green person. Tilling, planting, nurturing and harvesting plants will make you more eco-friendly and veg lover, you will see a completely different person in the mirror every time. You will be a person who can grow and take care of living things. You will be in the rhythm with the soil and tune with the earth. Also, you will feel good accomplishing a task. If you can grow your own kitchen garden, think of the things you can do.


Improves Heart Health

You can burn calories and strengthen your heart muscles at the same time while gardening. According to WebMD, exciting physical activities including yoga, swimming, gardening, DIY projects and household chaos can serve us better than a formal exercise. They tend to reduce the risk of heart diseases, prevent heart attacks, and a good heart health is a bonus to it.


Reduces Stress

Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone, and its elevated levels cause anxiety, stress and anger. Gardening for 30 minutes every day helps you to lower your cortisol levels. Hence, after a tough day, get into your garden and melt the stress away with the Mother Nature. Stress is dangerous for our health; therefore, gardening benefits to combat it are a big deal.


Happiness in the Dirt

According to research, inhaling M.vaccae, a soil bacterium that is healthy microbe is proven to elevate serotonin (neurotransmitter) levels in the brain. The NS reduces anxiety and makes you instantly feel pleasant and calm. According to Discover Magazine, by walking around the garden, you get a daily dose of M.vaccae that is enough to get you to a relaxing state of mind.


Makes Sleep Better

Lighter activities are associated with better sleep. The University of Pennsylvania suggests doing the gardening to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is a vital aspect of your health, and that is a benefit you cannot ignore at all.


kitchen garden


Improved Hand Strength

There are many activities including planting, digging and pulling that can do more than producing a plant and giving you fruits and veggies to eat. All of the mentioned gardening activities are proven to enhance your hand muscle strength. They are known to improve your hand grip, that’s why gardening is an ideal way to make and keep your hand and fingers strong for long.


Good for Family Health

“Considering gardening as a solo activity to make yourself calm and busy, it serves as an opportunity to bond with your friends and family as well,” - says Anthony Jacobs, Psychologist & Heath Counselor at Crowd Writer.

Gardening with them offers a great thing to share with your loved ones, and that is happiness, love, care and stress relief. Moreover, gardening has some additional benefits for kids. An early dirt exposure is linked to long-term health benefits - from preventing allergies to reducing autoimmune disorders by enhancing the immune system.


Beneficial for Community Health

Undoubtedly, gardening can foster a good sense of community health as human to human connection. Communities, schools and different clubs can decide to make a combined kitchen garden full of resources and make them a learning tool for everyone. It is a tremendous idea to involve humans in every age group and give them a possibility of learning and fun experiences. What’s better than a nutritious and yummy hobby along with a way of motivating future leaders to foster gardens? Community gardens can aim to support local farmers to build a secure food community that doesn’t rely on venders for the supply of fresh products.



Trees are essential to provide shades. Also, you can use natural pesticides to make your kitchen garden insect-free, and that’s an environment-friendly option. To reduce your carbon footprint, peels and organic waste can be used to create piles of greens and give a lot of space to the garbage can. You can recycle them to decompose and make your own compost. The method is less expensive than using fertilizers and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.


Furthermore, home gardens add beauty to your home. Create landscapes and make the most of your fertile space to generate more and more oxygen. Get creative with designs. You can have many innovative ideas to make your gardens more horticulture and futuristic. Additionally, they occupy less space and are cost-effective.



Considering the above top benefits of having a kitchen garden in your home, there are many advantages as well that are not mentioned above to give you every possible reason to make you scream “I need a kitchen garden right now!”


It doesn’t matter whether you are a kid, an adult or an aged person, you can always enjoy spending time with nature to make yourself relaxed with a sense of accomplishment. Hence, get your gardening kit and start planting like a pro today! All the best!

Written by Stella Lincoln



About the Author

Stella Lincoln is a passionate travel blogger and a qualified social psychologist. She has worked with many organizations and owns a blog named Educator House. Currently, she is working as a Health & Psychology Expert at King Essay.



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