9 Powerful Self-Motivation Techniques You Need to Know
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Motivation is something we all yearn for in our lives. During our whole life, we go through many stages. You go to high school, college, have to write essays and assignments, and then graduate. You look for a job, get a car or a house, maybe find your love and have children. Besides this, you also want to travel and discover the world, to go hiking in nature or cook exquisite foods. The truth is, there are so many things we want to do and just as many we need to do. And here is the point where motivation comes in. 

Motivation is a topic that is discussed in many settings. Employers want to motivate their employees to perform better. Professors want to motivate students to learn more. Parents want to motivate children to go beyond their limits. But this is only one kind of motivation that comes from external sources. In some cases, it may work, but in others not. So, how do you find your motivation and drive to continue what you are doing even when you do not feel like it? By finding your self-motivation. 

Self-motivation comes from your inner world. It does not depend on external factors, but on your perspective on what happens. Self-motivation is something many people are trying to acquire; it is something that can get you out of a motivation slump you might find yourself in. 

So, if you are looking for ways to boost your self-motivation, then read on to discover 9 powerful self-motivation techniques you need to know. 

1. Set Your Goals 

Setting goals is something many people do. Everyone has a dream or a goal they want to achieve in their lives. A student might look for a career as a writer and desire to improve their essay writing skills. Others might want to become entrepreneurs and found their own company. 

There are many goals people have, some of which change during their lifetime. These goals could be a source of motivation, but of demotivation too. Many people set goals they do not achieve, things that come with frustration, sadness, guilt, shame, and many other negative emotions. 

These might drown your motivation and make it difficult to find your self-motivation. It is therefore important to set goals you want to achieve in a specific way. First of all, your goals should be SMART goals. S stands for specific, M for measurable, A for achievable, R for realistic, and T for time-bounded. This technique of setting your goals will allow you to measure your progress and set realistic goals with deadlines. 

But sometimes, these goals might be big and this could be exactly the thing that makes you demotivated. You could set some small actions that take you to achieve the ultimate goal and that will make the entire process more bearable. 

2. Have a To-Do List and Schedule

Another technique that will help you boost your self-motivation is having a to-do list. You can note on this list all the tasks you plan to do in the following period. This will help you get a clearer idea of the tasks you want to do and plan them according to your mood and schedule. That will likely result in a large list of tasks you need to accomplish. And seeing this list could lead to demotivation because you might feel that you do not have time to finish them all. 

Well, to go over this obstacle that might stand in your way, you need to start planning the tasks on days. Having a daily schedule with a few tasks you need to do will help you fuel your self-motivation. Especially when you tick the tasks and mark them as done because you see your progress. 

3. Know Your Motivation Style 

When you want to find techniques for self-motivation that will work, you need to find out your motivation style. It will offer you the details you need to trigger your self-motivation. Some people are motivated by setting goals and achieving them, while others by working with positive and open people. Knowing your motivation style will help you identify the factors that trigger your self-motivation and help you maintain it. Because you will know what you need to keep to boost your self-motivation. 

4. Positive People and Social Support 

Having positive people around you is such a nice thing. These people can fuel your self-motivation and help you achieve your tasks and accomplish your dreams. Positive people also have an optimistic and open worldview; and in the moments you feel demotivated, they can lift you. Social support is important for all people and socializing with like-minded ones is linked to boosted motivation.

5. Create Your Playlist

Music is such a powerful tool to use to boost your self-motivation. If you think about those runners who train for long-distance running, you understand how much self-motivation is needed. But they all have a playlist created by them where those songs that pump you up and fuel you are added. Everyone is listening to music and for sure you have some songs you love. Some songs could boost your mood and feel empowered and motivated to take on new challenges. Take your energy and self-motivation from music. 

6. Learn Continuously 

The more you learn, the better prepared you are. Sometimes, demotivation can be caused by the thought that you do have enough knowledge to face some tasks. Not knowing how to do something can indeed be demotivating. But to boost your self-motivation, you should learn continuously. The more you learn, the more you develop and improve your skills. And the more your skills will be improved, the more prepared you will feel to start new projects and accomplish your tasks. 

7. Start Practicing Meditation 

Meditation is a technique that can help you find your self-motivation. This is because meditation is a bigger umbrella under which a lot of techniques and guides are developed. You can find meditation for motivation, which helps you concentrate better and find your inner power. Moreover, it helps you channel your efforts into achieving your dreams. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just start practicing meditation, be consistent, and you will see the results. 

8. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is another powerful self-motivation technique you need to know. Even though everyone would love to have a happy life, sometimes you may come across many obstacles. The perspective you have on these obstacles can help you find your self-motivation. For example, as a student, you might fall behind your deadlines. And to buy an essay and hire a writer could be the only solution. 

This will help you pursue your academic goals and accomplish them. Even though it might not be the preferred solution, at least it helps you overcome this obstacle. And the next time you will learn to organize your time better. Find something good in everything and adopt a positive mindset. 

9. Read Books 

There is an entirely new corner in every library called self-development books. Among these, you will find a wide selection of books that help you learn more about motivation and self-motivation. You may find some thoughts and techniques that help you get to know yourself better, but also find self-motivation techniques. 

Ending Note 

Self-motivation is something many people want to achieve or learn how to do it. Well, we hope these 9 powerful self-motivation techniques will help you find your inner power and channel it into achieving what you have planned. Make sure that you create the right context and environment to fuel your self-motivation and overcome motivation slumps.

Written by Joseph McLean


About the Author

Joe McLean is a guitarist, music producer and helps sometimes with the cheap dissertation writing services to essaymama.com. His experience with essayontime.co.uk helped countless musicians and students understand the theory of music better. When he’s not helping and advising musicians, Joe likes to cook Middle Eastern dishes, study programming and go hiking during weekends.


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