A Guide to Pet-Friendly Plants For Your Home and Garden
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pet-friendly plants

Photo by Alyona Bogomolova on Unsplash

Longtime gardeners have realized and reaped the benefits of getting some dirt under their nails, whether that’s by maximizing their harvest or even the simple act of admiring an indoor herb garden

Caring for things — any ole’ thing — provides us with a heightened sense of purpose and also improves our mental well-being. The same goes for caring for pets because they too can positively influence our health, encouraging us to socialize and also alleviating feelings of loneliness.

Combine those benefits with that of gardening and the benefits are essentially twofold, encouraging us to exercise more and become more positive and less stressed. It all adds up to that greater sense of purpose. 

Still, these upsides to us shouldn’t be at our pets' or plants’ expense — they need to balance one another. In terms of flora and fauna, that often means being aware of a plant’s toxicity level to animals and, yes, teaching our animals how to respect our gardens. 

In time for Pet Poison Prevention Month this March, Honest Paws put the spotlight on just this, creating an ultimate guide to pet-safe plants to ensure that all things — humans, pets, and our plants — live in harmony. Pore over some of those non-toxic plants and more health benefits of gardening and pet ownership in the infographic below.

pet-friendly plants


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