Pets Influence Your Health
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If you are a pet owner, you readily understand how vital their companionship is, and there is no doubt they have become an integral part of your wellness. It now appears, your pets do more for you than keep you company. Different studies show that your pets influence your health and that of your loved ones.

Improved immunity and allergy prevention 

One of the fears most people have staying with pets is the risk of allergic reactions, especially from the feline furs. You may also fear that your pets, especially those roaming outside, will bring microbes to your house. Yet studies now show that getting your children exposed to pets at a young age as early as six months helps them develop immunity against allergies.

The different germs from pets also help them, and you build immunity, which ultimately boosts your defenses against diseases. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology established that having a pet at home during a child's infancy can reduce the risk of developing allergies by 33 %.

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Having pets demands that you lead an active lifestyle even within the house. They also trigger positive emotions, and the general well-being allows your heart to pump at its optimum, improving its health. These factors also contribute to you having healthier levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in your body, all of which help lower the risk of high blood pressure. 

Several studies have shown that cat owners, for example, are 30% less likely to experience a heart attack, and the risk for stroke is reduced by 40%. This research was a 20-year study, and it is among many that show the positive impact pets have on your health. 

Improved emotional well-being 

Another integral benefit of pets is their impact on your emotional well-being. Pets help you combat stress, anxiety, and depression in several ways, helping raise your moods and boosting the happiness hormones in your body. Being in the company of a pet, even just watching the fish swim lowers the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, significantly. 

Petting your feline or a horse is therapeutic and relaxing, and their company alleviates the loneliness you may feel when depressed. Their non-judgmental love relieves pressure on you, and one study found that people are less stressed when conducting difficult tasks when in the company of their pets compared to the company of friends or spouses. Veterans with PTSD and the elderly have also been found to have better moods when they are in the company of their pet dogs.

Better discipline in taking care of yourself

Pets require regular and constant care and attention. You have to find their favorite foods, healthy foods, and avoid substances that can harm them. The right diet can be tricky to pick, but thankfully, resources like Fuzzy Rescue can help you settle on the best meals for your dog. You also need to ensure they regularly take their medications and vaccines. This responsibility and care extend to your self-care. Whether it is taking your own medicine or observing what you eat, the care and effort you put in your dog will help you adhere to your personal needs.

Help children with ADHD and Autism 

Pets are useful in helping with child development. Whether it is taking part in feeding the parts of developing bonds with them and playing with them, there is plenty that children gain from pets. While all children benefit from having pets at home, children with special needs like ADHD and autism benefit the most. 

For children with ADHD, pets offer them an opportunity to practice chores, planning, and getting used to a predictable routine. For autistic children, pets can form an integral part of a sensory integration plan. They help them develop social skills while the act of petting can be soothing to them. Pets also enable them to get used to certain smells and sounds.

Better fitness 

Finally, pets increase your physical activity, especially when you have dogs or horses and other animals you can get outdoor with them. Playing with your pets and taking them for a walk increases the amount of physical activity you do, and you can also get creative to involve them in your workout. The result is better fitness and stronger bones and muscles.

Pets are more than just loyal companions. They positively impact your health and improve your physical and emotional well-being. Fuzzy Rescue is a welcome resource you can use to learn more about the care and treatment of your favorite pet.


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