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Just like other writing genres, academic writing has its own sets of rules that need to be met at all times. This is something that beginners don’t realize, and, as a result, lose valuable clients. Text-Writers is here to share what it actually takes to become the best academic writer in the town. 


Pay attention to following tips, ideas and insights to kickstart your academic writing career:


Strictly follow guidelines

Most academic content assignments come with strict guidelines. Young writers make the mistake of taking these inputs lightly. Put the client requirements under microscope and deliver exactly the same, may be more but nothing less. This will certainly help you in establishing credibility as well.


Research carefully  

Academic work assignments sometimes come with research work. This increases the chances of factual mistakes. Hence, be extra careful while undertaking research work, and don’t forget to save references. In case of doubt, get in touch with client.


Perfect grammar

You can never get away with bad grammar in academic papers and similar writing works. While this is crucial in every form of writing, clients of academic assignments have zero tolerance for it. The same goes for typos as well.



No one gets it right for the first time. The same rule applies in writing. Whether you are working on a 500-word document or something much bigger, never submit it without proofreading. Specialists at Text-writers state that you should let a day pass before starting proofreading to get best results. 


Stay in touch  

Congratulations on getting that academic project! But just because you got it doesn’t mean you should stop responding to client’s queries. Stay connected through email and offer chat support if possible.


Never stop learning  

Be it writing fiction or academic papers, there is always scope of learning. So, don’t think you have mastered the art of academic writing. Spare time to attend writing workshops and webinars to gather new skills and ideas.


If you have a knack for words, then academic writing can be a lucrative career option. There are hundreds of platforms that connect writers with potential clients but very few cater only to academic writing. specializes in academic work and brings powerful features for writers as well as content seekers. Visit Text-Writers website to register and earn regular income online.   


Guest post by Andrew Skuba


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Andrew Skuba is a founder and CEO of Text-Writers. Text-Writers is an online platform for freelance writers to find content writing jobs. Businesses can order and buy website content & students can signup with Text-Writers for academic paper writing services for part-time jobs.




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