Alternative Holiday Destinations to Support Sustainable Tourism
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Summer is on the horizon and that means one thing – it’s time to start planning our summer vacations.


With so many wonderful destinations around the world to explore, deciding on where to visit for your summer break can be a hard task, but one factor that should always be on the forefront of your mind is how to make your travels as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible.


Last summer, stories of overtourism in popular tourist spots such as Venice and Dubrovnik hit the headlines, and that’s why this summer is all about supporting sustainable tourism by visiting lesser travelled destinations and investing into their tourism industry while allowing overcrowded cities to recover from the impact of overtourism.


Luckily, specialist holiday company Alternative Aquitaine have made it much easier to find the hidden holiday hotspots this year with a handy destination swap guide. The holiday company specialise in the South of France, and as well as providing information on some of their own alternative destinations, including Biarritz and Cap Ferret, they have also offered inspiration of other under the radar destinations to visit rather than popular tourist spots such as Venice, Amsterdam and Bali.


Rather than visiting these go-to destinations the company recommend the Italian town of Treviso, the historic Dutch city of Dordrecht, and the little known Sumba Island in Indonesia.


Have a look at their infographic below for more travel inspiration and start planning your sustainable travels.

Created by Alternative Aquitaine – The South West France Villa Experts



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