Best Wellness Holidays for Soothing Your Mind and Body
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The most thriving niches of the travel industry are cruises, adventures and, of course, wellness holidays. In fact, wellness holidays are probably the only sector of tourism that will never wane – as people will always deplete their energy and upbeat spirit through the incessant slew of work and daily obligations. If you count yourself among these people and you are in desperate need of a few weeks of rejuvenation, here are the best wellness holidays for soothing your mind and body.


Lanzarote, Canary Islands

We live in a polluted environment and the air is probably the greatest and most direct victim of modern industry. The proof of its pollution can be easily verified through a variety of immediate symptoms, which tend to make people feel not only unhealthy and stressed, but claustrophobic too. Therefore, many tourists choose to visit a breathing space retreat, and the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco are among the most popular locales to unleash your alveoli. If you are looking for a perfect time window to visit this airy corner of the world, you should probably aim for the middle of February when the island is overgrown with lush greenery and colorful wildflowers. Be on the lookout for the “breath guru” who will teach you the incredibly useful discipline of conscious breathing – the almost meditative process by which you gradually gain access to the absolute potential of your lungs and reduce the anxiety that plagues you.


Lago di Garda, Italy

Venture into the heart of Italy, onto the mountain slopes of the Lombardy region, and immerse yourself into the resplendent nature on the coast of Lago di Garda. If you are looking for a resort in the vicinity of this picturesque surrounding, you can easily find it – Lefay is among the most renowned ones in Europe – but if you are in the mood for a casual adventure filled with biking and excursions into the mountain forests, this is the locale for you. Of course, nobody will blame you if you dot this escapade with spa therapies and massages. After all, this vacation is about soothing both your mind and your body.


Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Byron Bay is one of the most popular hotspots for wellness and rejuvenation in the Land Down Under, and once you finally discover this slice of beachside heaven it’s easy to see why. It’s like the surrounding tree line jealously guards this tranquil little town on the coast of the Pacific from prying eyes, brimming with fun aquatic activities, healthy open-air fitness sessions and incredible Byron Bay accommodation with all the amenities you need, including the top-notch spa and massage programs. Soothing activities such as whale watching and rainforest trail blazing are the most popular pastimes among wellness enthusiasts who visit this region.


Crete, Greece

If you are heavy into fitness and you absolutely revel in the sublime makeup of nature and topography, visit Europe’s New Zealand – the island of Crete. The island is not only known for spectacular landscapes of preserved nature that will sweep every green-thinker off their feet, it is also known for seemingly modest establishments that nevertheless offer the most delicious food you can imagine. Enjoy your stay at an eco-village of Milia, smack in the middle of White Mountains National Park, and enjoy the masterwork of residential chefs, as well as the services of local fitness coaches and masseuses. If you want to rediscover the healthy lifestyle and start taking care of yourself better, Crete is the best backdrop for your journey of self-discovery. June and July are by far the best months to visit.


Kerala Region, India

If you truly want to escape from your day job and obligations and rediscover the balance within surrounded by nature and tranquil environments, head straight to the south-western tip of the Indian subcontinent and get lost in the Kerala region. Sometimes, you have to escape to a tropical paradise and surround yourself with culture that is completely different from your own in order to find a truly amazing wellness holiday that will rejuvenate both your body and your soul. Get ready for series of Panchkarma therapies that will help you induce better blood circulation and improve the state of your skin and your digestion.


Wellness holidays used to be a luxury. They were exclusive escapades to the regions renowned for rejuvenating properties which were mostly financially accessible to celebrities and rich businessmen. However, these days they are just as accessible as other types of traveling and their popularity only continues to grow. This means you can spoil yourself with choice when it comes to wellness holidays for soothing your mind and body.

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