Backyard Update: Turning Your Patio Into Summer Retreat
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Do you have some extra space outside and you want to make your backyard a much more pleasant environment to stay in? If you do, but you don’t know exactly how to execute that plan, you should definitely think about creating a summer retreat. Having your own oasis of haven where you can enjoy the sun and splash around in your swimming pool will make hot summers so much more enjoyable. Therefore, check out some of the tips that’ll help you design a dream summer retreat.


summer retreat


Where to place the retreat

First, you should think about the perfect nook for your summer retreat. Think about whether you want to use your backyard as a general entertainment space or you'd maybe like to create a relaxing area for you and your family. A naturally sectioned nook in your backyard can be a lovely place for a summer retreat. Semi-open structures will create a hidden room within a backyard easily, creating the perfect ambience for both breezy summer mornings and comfortable evenings. Any small space can easily become an exotic oasis with a few accessories, comfy furniture and lively plants.


summer retreat


Pick out comfy outdoor furniture

To add personality and transform your plain backyard into a beautiful retreat, you’ll need comfortable outdoor lounging furniture. A plush outdoor bean bag chair with a weatherproof and UV-resistant slipcover will allow you to relax outdoors as if you’re lying around the living room on your comfy sofa. A cotton hammock is another choice to consider, as it will be the perfect spot for you to sunbathe, read or simply enjoy the song of the birds singing in the warm summer afternoon.


Lounge chairs should also be on the list, allowing you to have your favourite cocktail beside you as you soak up the sun right next to your swimming pool. Use neutral colours to create a clean yet modern design. If you want to add a pop of colour, place pink-striped beach towels on the chairs, and they'll come in handy after a dip in the swimming pool.


summer retreat


Get a swimming pool

A swimming pool is an essential part of a summer retreat, so you should definitely think about getting one for your backyard. If you live in the area where winter weather never comes, such as Brisbane, you’ll be able to take laps every day, and use your swimming pool to its fullest. Trust this work to swimming pool builders so you can know for sure that your swimming pool will have a state-of-the-art design and allow you to have the best time at your own home. Lay the tiles around the edges for a modern clean design, and make sure you have performed all the safety measures if you have kids running around the backyard.


summer retreat


Don’t forget shades

Natural shades are always the best way to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays, but if your backyard doesn’t have plenty of trees, you should look for the best alternative. Outdoor patio pergolas, shade sails, parasols, canopies, and gazebos are all amazing options for creating shades while allowing you to relax and enjoy the warm summer weather. Shade sails can withstand rain and heavy weather, allowing you to sit on your deck even when the weather isn't sunny, and enjoy the sound of the raindrops tapping on the floor, creating a soothing afternoon ambience to relax.


Final thoughts

Creating a family retreat in your backyard is an added benefit for an entire family, but it’ll also add value to your home. Therefore, make sure you know exactly how you want your retreat to look, or maybe even consider hiring a professional designer to offer you a few ideas that will let you transform your previously dingy backyard into a wonderful oasis of heaven. With the right choice of furniture, a spacious swimming pool and enough shade, you’ll be spending more time outdoors than inside your house.

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