Benefits Of Cannabis Nobody May Have Told You About
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Cannabis has been in the news for years before it was legalized and accepted as a recreational use substance. However, the sources for this talk focus only on the overuse of cannabinoids and the harm they may potentially cause. There is a lot of curiosity that needs to be met with open information of the good that cannabis can do. Today, we want to clear the air and introduce some benefits of consuming cannabis that are backed by research and yet not talked about enough. While cannabis is used for recreational purposes, it also serves a huge purpose in the medical field and is healing many ailments that otherwise would induce a feeling of hopelessness. Without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

1. Calms anxiety

People suffering from anxiety can attest to how self-destructive a seemingly miniscule mental health disorder can make oneself. Since it starts from benign triggers and traits, anxiety is often overlooked and not given the medical attention it deserves, which only makes things worse if left untreated. In the long term, anxiety acts as the stepping stone for other mental health disorders which become secondary traumas. Cannabis in the form of CBD or its strains can help a person tackle the problem of recurring anxiety and panic attacks.

2. Alleviates symptoms of depression

Depression is the second mental health disorder that receives a lot of benefits from the use of cannabinoids. Be it THC, west coast cannabis or CBD, both of them help a patient turn off their descent into the downward spiral and regulate their emotions. Depression is caused by many triggers that mess up the chemical balance of hormones that cannabinoids help to stabilize along with other tools of treatment when prescribed in doses.

3. Soothes PTSD episodes

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the result of a person suffering from an emotionally, mentally or physically traumatic event that results in episodes that overstimulate their senses, making them feel overwhelmed, panicked or delirious. This can be a threat to their well-being since many patients hurt themselves accidentally or on purpose. Combining cannabinoids with their treatment for PTSD helps them stay relaxed and deal with paranoia easily.

4. Reduces side-effects of chemotherapy

Cancer is one of the most painful diseases to witness yourself or a close friend go through. While today most forms of cancer are curable, the procedure of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is very painful to people, especially if they have pre-existing health conditions. Using CBD to help with the side effects of chemotherapy can help them soothe nausea, headaches, dizziness and anxiety.

5. Helps with OCD and insomnia

People with insomnia have a hard time sleeping well, or at all. This could be the result of many underlying conditions like stress, grief, anxiety, OCD or others. However, CBD has shown great progress in terms of improving the quality of sleep in such patients.

Wrapping Up

Be it in the form of smoking cannabis variants, using CBD oils, or other products like tinctures, pills or edibles, cannabis is helping a substantial part of our population. We hope that this blog could shed some light on the benefits of this miracle medicine.


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