How CBD Tincture Helps With Sleeping Problems
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CBD as sleep aid


Difficulty falling and staying asleep is a menace that affects many people in society today. It is not surprising as many factors like stress, pain, anxiety, lifestyle choices, etc., all make sleep difficult for many. 

Yet, sleep is vital for health. This nighttime ritual is essential for the optimum health and wellness of humans. Sadly, not everyone can boast of a night of deep and restful sleep. Many turn to sleep pills and other aids to help improve sleep. 

CBD is one such natural aid that can help improve sleep in users. It is a natural substance derived from the hemp plant with a THC counterpart being removed. As a result, it can set the stage for deep and relaxing sleep by addressing various issues that contribute to sleep. 

Sleep and the Endocannabinoid System 

According to research, the endocannabinoid system plays a critical role in keeping up with various body functions like sleep, mood, hunger, appetite, and the regulation of the circadian rhythm. There is an array of cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system known as the CB1 and CB2 receptors. 

When cannabinoids link to these cells, it brings about various effects in users. Research indicates that CBD can affect specific receptors, which influence the sleep-wake cycle, concerning its impact on sleep. 

The wonder supplement may help address sleep by taking care of some underlying effects of sleep in humans. Its ability to reduce pain, depression and anxiety can improve sleep levels in users. 

CBD Can Reduce Pain 

Difficulty sleeping that many experience can be traced to excessive pain. Sadly, it affects many areas of one's life, reducing productivity, meaningful interactions, etc. While there are medications for sleep, many come with side effects, alongside the risk of addiction. 

Some pain like cancer-related pain, neuropathic pain, etc., might not respond to antidepressants and other pain medications. CBD can help in this case as it can address chronic pain and provide impressive relief for users. According to research, CBD can provide pain relief. The effect on pain can make it easy for users to fall asleep easily. 

CBD Can Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety has various forms, and its rate is rising in the community. It is not surprising that people turn to CBD for relief. Excessive anxiety can affect victims negatively and cause an overall reduction in the quality of life. It is not surprising that victims experience trouble sleeping. 

Based on research evidence, CBD might be a safe and reliable alternative to manage anxiety in victims. Various forms of anxiety, such as anxiety disorder, social anxiety, panic attacks, etc., are not exempted. 

There was a study conducted that explored the impact of CBD on anxiety and sleep. The result revealed that patients had significant anxiety relief, which translated to sleep improvement for users, all in the first month of treatment. 

CBD Influences the Natural Sleep-Wake Cycle 

CBD is a healing compound that can influence several brain receptors. This makes it pretty efficient as a natural sleep aid. There are pieces of research stating CBD can improve alertness in the day and sedate users at night, depending on the dose. 

There is evidence that CBD tincture can influence the natural sleep-wake cycle of the body. This leads to a night of deep and restful sleep. You can consider getting a CBD tincture to help you sleep well at night. Even fusion of Delta 8 juice with CBD has been found to work well for one’s sleep and is perfect for those looking for a subtle relaxing, soothing, or drowsy effect. One can find genuine CBD strains like delta 10 and you can find  top varieties of delta 8 vape juice  from nearby stores.

Important Considerations 

CBD can help address the underlying factors responsible for sleep issues. However, one needs to consider other factors when using CBD for sleep. 


CBD oil comes from hemp. When CBD is extracted, one can either take it by itself or infuse it and consume it with other substances like:

  • Edibles including gummies
  • Tinctures added to food and drinks
  • Sprays
  • Capsules 
  • CBD bath bomb

Besides, the rate of absorption differs based on the method of injection. This will also affect the influence on sleep.

CBD Dosage

The CBD dosage matters as well when trying to sleep. However, research is yet to reveal the correct dose essential for someone trying to sleep. However, there are indications that the exact quantity needed for sleep is based on the specific makeup of the body. You might, however, tweak your dosage based on the following:

  • CBD formulation
  • Any side effect experienced
  • Additional medication taken
  • The severity of the sleep disorder

However, many people have realized that CBD at a high dose creates sedation and increases wakefulness when taken in lower quantities.

Can CBD Improve Sleep Quality?

CBD will not only make it easy to enjoy a night of deep and relaxing sleep; it also reduces the time it takes to fall asleep. As a result, you can spend many hours in the deep and restful stages of sleep. 

Also, CBD can help transform the body from the REM rest to a deeper NREM sleep cycle. According to studies, CBD might be helpful to people who experience various forms of sleep disorder that affect the REM cycle. According to a survey, a ten-year-old girl experienced a significant reduction in anxiety, which improved sleep quality, which Post Traumatic Stress Disorder once impacted. 


CBD can be the ideal treatment for a series of sleep-related issues. It can help deal with any underlying cause of sleeplessness like stress, anxiety, pain and regulate the body's sleep-wake cycle. Not only will you enjoy deep and restful sleep, but the time to fall asleep will also significantly reduce. 


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