Benefits of Studying MBBS at Wroclaw Medical University
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Wroclaw Medical University


MBBS programmes are meant to prepare candidates for a profession in medicine by providing them with the information and skills they need to become successful physicians. Wroclaw Medical University is one of the leading medical schools in Poland and offers an excellent MBBS program. For nearly 70 years, the institution has provided medical education and has earned a track record of educating successful and skilled physicians.

The academic programme of Wroclaw Medical University's MBBS programme is aimed to offer candidates an excellent foundation in the field of medicine as well as hands-on experience in hospitals and clinics. The clinical training opportunities available at Wroclaw Medical University are exceptional. The institution has collaborations with renowned hospitals and clinics in Poland, and candidates can acquire hands-on expertise in a range of medical fields.

One of the key benefits of studying at Wroclaw Medical University is the diverse student body.

Another benefit of studying at Wroclaw Medical University is the affordable tuition and living costs.

Furthermore, the institution provides a variety of scholarships and financial aid opportunities to learners. Graduates of Wroclaw Medical University's MBBS program have excellent career prospects.

Admission Process

  • The admission process for studying MBBS at Wroclaw Medical University is straightforward and transparent. 
  • Candidates must submit an online application which comprises their academic records, personal statement, and other supporting materials. 
  • The university evaluates the application and notifies students of their admission decision. 
  • Candidates who satisfy the admission requirements are given the opportunity to appear for a preliminary test that measures their understanding of fundamental sciences. 
  • Candidates who pass the exam must go through a meeting with the university admissions committee. 
  • During the admissions process, the educational institution offers assistance and counselling to ensure that learners are adequately informed as well as ready for their studies.

High-Quality Education

Studying MBBS at Wroclaw Medical University offers high-quality education through a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of medical education. The programme is intended to give individuals an excellent foundation in basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, and healthcare administration. The institution features cutting-edge facilities, such as well-equipped labs, simulation centres, and hospital wards, that allow learners to obtain hands-on experience in medical practice. The academic staff is made up of highly trained and knowledgeable doctors, instructors, and researchers who employ novel methods of instruction and cutting-edge technology in order to make education more effective and enjoyable for learners.

Clinical Training

  • Learners are taught in medical practice through a mix of lectures in the classroom, hands-on training, and clinical training. 
  • The educational institution places a high emphasis on hands-on instruction that educates learners for real-world scenarios. 
  • Individuals learn how to recognise and treat patients with a range of medical issues while working with seasoned doctors and healthcare professionals. 
  • This clinical experience is an integral component of the MBBS programme and trains candidates for a successful medical career.

Opportunities for internships and scholarships

Wroclaw Medical University in Poland maintains a long history of offering high-quality training in medicine, the experience of its professors. Following are a few of the highly qualified lecturers of Wroclaw Medical University's MBBS programme:

Professor Piotr Thor: He is a well-known cardiologist and specialist in cardiac electrophysiology. He has over twenty-five years of practical and research experience, and his contributions to the area of cardiology are well acclaimed.

Professor Janusz Limon: He is an oncologist who specialises in cancer detection and therapy. He has over thirty years of practical and research experience, and his contribution has aided in the advancement of cancer research.

Professor Wojciech Witkiewicz: He is a neurosurgeon specialising in brain tumour treatment. He has nearly 20 years of expertise in clinical practise and research, and is well-known for his novel neurosurgical procedures and methods.

Maciej Banach: He is a cardiologist who specialises in preventing and management of cardiovascular disorders. He has about twenty years of clinical and research experience and has a reputation as a top cardiac specialist.

Professor Jerzy Loba: He is a nephrologist and specialist in renal disease therapy. He has over 25 years of clinical and scientific experience, and his work has contributed to enhanced diagnostics.

Opportunities for internships and scholarships

Wroclaw Medical University in Poland offers various opportunities for internships and scholarships for students studying MBBS (Medicine) at the university. These are a few that a candidate can choices from:

Scholarships: International learners are eligible for scholarships determined by their academic performance and financial situation. Additional details regarding scholarships may be found on the institution's website.

Erasmus+ program: Wroclaw Medical University participates in the Erasmus+ program, which allows students to study abroad at partner universities and gain international experience. Through this programme, individuals can also get assistance for their studies and costs of living.

Clinical placements: The university offers clinical placements to its students at affiliated hospitals and clinics. These placements provide students with practical experience in a clinical setting and an opportunity to work with patients.

Research internships: The university also provides graduates with research internships, which enable them to engage on research projects with faculty members and obtain research experience.

To apply for internships or scholarships at Wroclaw Medical University, you can visit the university's website and check for the available opportunities. For additional information about how to apply, you can also reach the university's International Office.

Opportunities for Research

  • Studying MBBS at Wroclaw Medical University provides numerous opportunities for research, as the university is renowned for its research activities in various fields of medicine. 
  • The faculty comprises experienced researchers who lead research projects, and students can participate in these projects as research assistants. Individuals can also do research under the help and supervision of their instructors. 
  • The institution provides well-equipped labs for research and resources, allowing learners to perform high-quality research. 
  • Participating in research gives learners essential skills and experience that enables them for further study and career prospects in medicine. 
  • The university also offers opportunities to present research findings at national and international conferences, which helps to boost students' academic profiles.

Affordable Tuition and Living Costs

  • Wroclaw's expenses for living is very inexpensive when compared to other major European cities, which makes it an attractive choice for learners seeking an economical yet excellent educational experience. 
  • The institution also provides scholarships to qualified learners that can greatly lower the cost of study. 
  • The inexpensive cost of living helps learners to concentrate on their academics without stressing about money, which is critical for academic achievement.


To summarise, Wroclaw Medical University is a good alternative for individuals pursuing an MBBS degree. The institution provides an excellent educational experience, a diverse student body, outstanding clinical training, and living expenses and tuition that are accessible. Wroclaw Medical learners will be adequately prepared for an excellent future in healthcare.


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