Cannabis Anatomy 101: Find the Right Plant for Your Needs
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The cannabis industry can be a daunting place if you're new to the scene. Many strains encompass the industry and each one has a different effect on the body. Sharpening your knowledge about the intricacies of cannabis anatomy will open the door to more efficient treatment and a better experience. Many times patients are turned off by cannabis simply because they weren't using the right method for choosing strains. Here you'll learn about the basics of cannabis anatomy to find the right one for your needs!

The Right Cannabis Plant for Medicinal Use

There are different grades of cannabis on the market today, and they are not all created equal. This is why there is such a tremendous price difference between strains and the final analysis gives you specifics like terpene profiles and overall strength. According to Substance Market, "cannabis has well-documented anti-inflammatory properties that are more than likely responsible for the efficacy of this treatment." This is proof that there is something significant about cannabis anatomy which complements the human body and encourages both psychological and physical healing. It even stretches back to ancient Egyptian times when scientists found traces of THC in mummified remains. They clearly understood the benefits of cannabis and it has been used safely for thousands of years. However, modern advancements have given us unparalleled tools in understanding the true nature. Certain strains are better for use medicinally because of the higher CBD to THC ratio. That's because CBD is the cannabinoid responsible for anti-inflammatory effects.

Managing Stress and Anxiety with Cannabis

The anatomy of any particular cannabis strain will determine its effectiveness in addressing various conditions. The colas in particular are immensely important because they are the main source of THC and CBD that are responsible for the health benefits that are still being discovered today. If the colas are left to ripen for longer periods, then it's well-documented that the strains will have more of a couch-lock and pain-killing effect. This is excellent for treating insomnia and chronic pain in the body. Anatomy is everything when growing and consuming cannabis because you don't want to smoke a male plant. The females produce the medicinal benefits in higher quantities and are sought out exclusively. They are characterized by white pistils and large fragrant buds during flowering as opposed to pollen sacks and literally no flowers for the male. Anxiety creeps up on us all sometimes, and going on prescribed anti-anxiety meds isn't for everyone. The anatomy of cannabis and its chemical makeup is ideal for treating these disorders. First, study the anatomical and chemical differences between Sativa and Indica as this is a major step towards cannabis enlightenment.

Deciding Between the Different Forms of the Plant

Each cannabis strain produces varying amounts of trichomes which are the glands that accumulate on the outside of buds responsible for the euphoric effects. These are almost microscopic but can effectively be observed through a microscope. When a majority of the trichomes have turned cloudy, then you know that the THC levels are optimal for harvest. Different parts of the plant are utilized for varying products, and the most common way to consume cannabis is through smoking the dried and cured flowers. These come from a huge cola and are broken down for sale. A cannabis concentrate is a completely different animal that takes advantage of the potent oil extracted from the plant with no leaf or bud contaminants. These have been known to give you the most potent effect and are very common among chronic medical patients. There is also a process called flash-freezing where you get something called live resin for the most natural result. It's ultimately up to you to make the final choice, and understanding the plant makes choosing much easier!

Understand the Anatomy of Cannabis to Help You Choose

Being new to cannabis is somewhat exciting because there's a whole world to discover and staying informed comes with great benefits. You can tailor your cannabis regimen with the right personal tweaks and even grow your own with the required medical license in certain states. Understanding the anatomy of cannabis is critical for both growers, recreational users, and medicinal patience. Distinguishing between the products gives you perspective as you learn what parts of the plants are used in the process!


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