What Beginners Should Know About Cannabis Concentrates
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The world of cannabis is incredible because there's always something new around the corner. After the edible trend, you can dip your toes into concentrates. These pure and potent products promise to deliver effects you have never experienced before. But it is the very reason newbies feel apprehensive about trying their hand at a concentrate. It makes sense to know your facts right, whether you are new to cannabis or seasoned with other products. A little awareness takes you a long way, and you can dive in with more confidence. Here are the facts you should know about cannabis concentrates.

Expect purity and potency 

Since concentrates contain only cannabinoids and terpenes, they are the purest form of cannabis. The process involves removing plant materials such as leaves and stems, so you get only the trichomes from the plant. These products deliver potent hits and instant effects compared to their counterparts. Not surprisingly, they are fast-emerging as favorites for consumers who settle for nothing but the best. 

Get more with less

Since purity and potency come packed together in these products, you can get more with less. It makes them ideal for users who want a bang for their buck. But you must dose it carefully as even a bit extra can take you over the top. Start very small, even if you have ample experience with flower and vape oils. It is equally crucial to stick with your regular strains as a beginner as you know how it works for you.

Try different options

Like edibles, concentrates are available in different forms. You will be spoilt for choices as there are options like shatter, budder, hash, crumble, wax, rosin, and live resin. Check the weed smart menu to explore them all. You may research online to learn more about these variants or ask for recommendations from someone more experienced with concentrates. Every product may deliver different outcomes, so you have more to try.

Learn dabbing skills 

With cannabis concentrates, you have the flexibility of consumption methods. Dabbing is the ideal way to get the best from these products. It enables you to experience complete potency along with warm and flavorful hits. The choice of your dabbing tool depends on the texture of the product you use. For example, a dab rig is ideal for consuming shatter or crumble. Likewise, you must use a pipe or joint for tinctures like kief and hash.

Know the storage basics

Like any other form of cannabis, concentrates also require good care when you store them for the long term. You must follow some storage rules depending on the product you choose. Storage options include parchment paper, silicone containers, and airtight glass containers. Whichever option you use, ensure that you keep your stash in a cool, dry, and dark place because heat and light can damage the product. 

Cannabis concentrates are an altogether different ball game, so make sure you dive in only after learning about them. Start slow, have realistic expectations, and enjoy your experience. 


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