Create an Eco-Friendly Garden With These Easy Tips
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Simple but effective ways of transforming your garden into an eco-friendly area are documented in this article. Some you can do yourselves, but others may require the assistance of professional environmental tree services.

Waste Reduction

By reducing the garden waste you produce, you will provide huge benefits to the environment but also some advantages for yourself too. An everyday autumn chore like sweeping the leaves can be so beneficial if you just adapt your thinking. Sweep them into a corner to act as a winter home for small animals and insects. This naturally created habitat won’t cost you anything and can be done with a few sweeps of a broom. The fallen leaves can act as a shelter or even decompose and become fertiliser.

DIY Fertiliser

This is both challenging and rewarding when done off your own back instead of purchasing. A quick and popular method of fertilising is grass-cycling, where you simply provide a natural fertiliser by leaving the cuttings of grass spread across the freshly trimmed lawn. Alternatively, natural leaf mould is also a popular make-your-own fertiliser option, but an easier choice is perhaps soaking weeds. You can do this in a simple container to create nutrient-rich solutions after a few weeks that can help water your greenery.

Realise The Value Of Compost

Many people do not appreciate the true value of composting. It provides an extremely rewarding habitat for multiple creatures that will all be attracted to your garden if you get the compost composition correct. Try to avoid peat which can ruin thousands of years of work by destroying existing ecosystems. In the absence of peat in your compost you will soon be welcoming frogs, earthworms, lizards, hedgehogs amongst other wildlife to your patch.

Make A Water Feature

All kinds of wildlife will appreciate a water source so if you have the room, a water feature is a great addition. Not only will it be aesthetically pleasing for you and your guests, but it will also provide a vital source of water for a plethora of creatures. A birdbath can be an excellent smaller feature that will not dominate the garden but still offer plenty of wildlife advantages. For those with a little more space available a pond is the ideal natural water feature for the eco-friendly garden. Home amphibians, fish and insects and allow birds and mammals to bathe in the water hub of the premises.

Welcome New Friends

We are not suggesting buying a welcome mat and inviting strangers into your home, more encouraging the ones you might not see or even know about! A hedgehog, for example, struggles to get about the modern home due to the large fences and high walls that most houses have around them. These ground-dwelling hogs only require a small gap to pop in and out of. Be hospitable and consider having a gap in your fence (13cm by 13 cm should suffice) to accommodate your endangered hedgehog friends that visit.


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