Creative Backyard Retreat Ideas from Around the World
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The world of design offers an endless source of inspirations that none of us can resist. There are always some new and exciting trends that can turn your home into a mesmerising sanctuary. So, if you have caught yourself thinking about how you can improve your home once again, look no further than your own backyard. Designing a beautiful outdoor retreat will enrich your home experience and make you feel as if you travelled across the globe in a heartbeat. And there’s no better source of inspiration than the world’s most beautiful and inspiring backyard retreats.



London: a fabulous backyard office

There’s a backyard office in London that is certainly not ordinary. Featuring an unusual wood design, this backyard retreat actually represents a perfect blend of an office and a shed, earning the right to be called a “shoffice”. This stunning shoffice actually has a curved shape, with an enclosed office on one side and a garden shed on the other. Surrounded with trees and greenery, it certainly has an authentic organic flair that adds to the authenticity of this shoffice.



Burlingame: a stylish treehouse

If you’re still in touch with your inner child, you’ll fall in love with this Californian retreat. Built around a tree, a treehouse found in Burlingame is actually a stunning space that brings nature and design together. From the outside, it features a shade that perfectly blends with the tree itself. The interior is decorated with a chic, floral area rug, a pop of blue used for a window frame and a perfectly assembled table with fresh flowers. Beds are placed on two levels, making this treehouse a stylish guest area for both children and adults.



Sydney: a chic granny flat

The Land Down Under certainly knows its way around granny flat designs, presenting the rest of the world with mesmerising examples. One such example is located in Sydney, providing its owners with a stylish and functional backyard retreat. Its location has provided the owners with privacy while the very design is casual yet chic. If you’re planning to add such a beautiful retreat to your home, make sure to consult with experienced and reputable granny flat builders who can suggest the best design solutions for your backyard space.


San Francisco: a private artsy studio

This stunning retreat is another enchanting example of nature and design working together. Located in the backyard of a home in San Francisco, this arty studio has actually become a part of its surrounding landscape, with climbers and creepers embellishing its walls. Such a nature-inspired design is a perfect setting for creativity. Interior design is left to the artist to create, finding what inspires them the most.



Saint-Tropez: an elegant entertainment room

It’s difficult not to imagine a space of luxury and elegance when you think about Saint-Tropez, France. And if you want to create a luxe entertainment room, there’s no better example than this one. The entertainment room of a vacation home in Saint-Tropez is a stunning area for alfresco dining. Featuring a simple yet sophisticated, all-white design, it’s certainly an emblem of opulence, especially when you consider its seaside location. An outdoor kitchen, a dining area, and a lounge space are all parts of this enticing retreat.



Malibu: a casual pavilion

Another beautiful retreat on the list is located in Malibu and it features a casual, intricate Balinese-inspired design. The roof of this Malibu pavilion is actually made of woven seagrass, while the rest of the structure is made of wood. Comfy daybeds inspire relaxation, while also bringing a pop of colour and intricate patterns owing to vintage Turkish suzanis. Lanterns are also in the same spirit, adding to the charm of this beautiful pavilion. Nestled under a tree, this casual retreat is perfect for relaxation and daydreaming.


Whether you want a luxurious outdoor kitchen, a tucked-away artsy studio or a chic granny flat, these enticing designs are the perfect source of inspiration. You just need to find a retreat idea that meets your needs and you can escape from the world right in your backyard.

Guest post by Derek Lotts



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