CSR Europe Launched Blueprint for Embedding Human Rights in Key Company Functions


CSR Europe, the leading European business network for Corporate Social Responsibility, launched Blueprint for Embedding Human Rights in Key Company Functions.


The publication was created in collaboration with such organizations as Business in community, econsense, SODALITAS, FIBS, respACT to name a few.


The Blueprint is aimed to provide practical support to CSR/Sustainability managers, Human Resource, Purchasing and Risk/Legal managers.


The Blueprint breaks down the process of embedding human rights into 6 elements which companies should consider regardless of their corporate culture or types of business activities – these are the key elements that can be used to integrate respect for human right throughout the whole organization.


A special focus is being placed on how to embed human rights in 3 company functions – Risk, Human Resources and Procurement – since it helps businesses to not only comply with regulations, but also enhance their stakeholder relations and ensure sustainable development.


The Blueprint combines theory with real-life examples of companies that operate in various industries – IT & Electronics, Energy & Utilities, Financials & Insurance, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas -  to show specific measures and initiatives they implement to integrate human resources into their corporate cultures and operations.


You can read the Blueprint here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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Thank you Natalie for promoting the blueprint!
You can find out more about CSR Europe's work on business and human rights in the link http://www.csreurope.org/business-and-human-rights

Alice - Project Manager BHR at CSR Europe