Does Massage Therapy Help Reduce Anxiety?
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massage therapy


Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue which is present inside the human body. A massage can be given to another individual using different things such as the elbow, hands, feet, or a device, which is designed specifically for giving massages. 

Many different videos are present on the internet, but what an expert can do to release you from your misery cannot be done by a person who has only seen videos and learned what to do. A massage can do wonders for the mental and physical health of an individual. 

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a common mental health condition faced by many today. Anxiety is being in a constant state of fear, where you are worried about everything. There are many different symptoms, such as fatigue, stress, fear, insomnia, irritable behavior, feelings of isolation, and paranoia. 

Different reasons to cause anxiety can be stress at work or the educational institution you study in, a recent accident, a past trauma, death of a loved one, and so much more. 

How anxiety affects our life

Anxiety has a weird way of showing up at different phases of your life. When an individual suffers from anxiety, there is a higher chance of them being paranoid. You might have a hard time trusting yourself and those that surround you. If you work in a professional environment, then anxiety can affect your career as your confidence and self-esteem drop to the lowest level. 

When the level of self-esteem and confidence drops, you are unable to speak in front of a large crowd. You can't give presentations as you could be scared that you will say the wrong things. And most of all, you are scared of taking up new challenges due to having a fear of failure and how, if you fail, you will be judged, which in some cases is heartbreaking. 

When you start to miss deadlines and are not doing what you used to do before you had anxiety or are scared, then these things are noticed and written against you because not everyone understands the situation that you go through. 

In your personal life, since you are afraid, there is a higher chance that you push yourself not to meet anybody and stay indoors where you isolate yourself from family too. Your physical activity reduces, you want to be left alone, this can cause muscle soreness which affects your physical health also. 

When you stop socializing and spend a lot of time with yourself, there is a higher chance of negative thoughts acquiring your mind at all times. Anything negative that happens to you is interpreted by you in the most negative way, which is hurtful and harmful. 

massage therapy


The relationship between anxiety and massage

Massage gives us touch which is very necessary for humans, and there is an excellent possibility of anxiety being taken away by it. But if you are not a touch person, you can buy a massage chair - to buy the best one make sure to check out the cozzia massage chair reviews present online for your ease. 

Yes, anxiety is reduced after a massage as massage does not only have physical benefits such as reduced muscle soreness, better flexibility, and burnt calories, but it also improves blood circulation and helps maintain a standard heart rate. 

There are many different mental benefits of massage too such as relaxed and calmed thoughts, increased serotonin and oxytocin levels. It releases endorphins that make you happy, the flight or fight controls are tamed, and feelings of anxiety and depression are reduced. 

With the help of massage, anxiety is reduced in the following ways: 

A connection is formed

One thing that anxiety takes away from you is the feeling of being connected, so when you get a message, and someone touches you in a way that it heals you, you feel connected and loved. This feeling is new but comfortable; therefore, you can get used to it. Your anxiety is reduced when a connection is formed - it helps you cope better with things. 

You sleep better 

The most significant side effect of anxiety is insomnia, which is a sleeping disorder that makes it harder to sleep or stay asleep. When you get a massage, muscles are relaxed, and you are stress-free, which reduces anxiety and helps you sleep better. 

The immune system is improved

Massage helps you stay healthy as it increases the work and activity of the white blood cells in the body that are present to fight the viruses. The immune system is better as the cortisol levels are decreased, and anxiety is controlled, feelings of anxiousness and depression are reduced. 

Heart rate is decreased, and hormones are released

When a person is relaxed during a massage, they are less likely to have an elevated heart rate; thus, when massage therapy is happening, the heart rate decreases, which reduces anxiety. The body, upon burning calories due to massage, can release hormones that make us happy and kill our pain. 

Yes, massage therapy does reduce anxiety, but it is not a permanent solution to your anxiety. To control your anxiety, make sure that you are visiting your doctor. If someone around you has anxiety, show them love, and make them feel like they are not alone in this fight because it can do wonders for their mental and physical health. 


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