Easy Ways to Practice Green Living in a Corporate Office

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There are many voices talking nowadays about going green and doing our bit to help the environment. While this is great, it can also be incredibly difficult to incorporate into certain aspects of our lives. If you work in a corporate office, there are still some great ways for you to practice green living. Let’s take a look at them now.

Change Your Contracts

Every corporate business is going to have several key contracts. If they are not with the best of companies right now, there might be a chance for you to switch contracts to work with someone who might be more in line with your new vision for the company. 

One key place where you could make a change might be in a waste reduction scheme. By investing in the right industrial recycling services, any waste from your office can be dealt with in a much more eco-friendly manner than it might be at the moment. Many industrial recycling services will handle paper, cardboard, and more. Finding a solution such as this might be the step you need to help make your office more eco-friendly overall.

Go Paperless

Another great way to introduce green living into your corporate office is to go paperless. By choosing to cut down on the paper your office is producing, you will save in several areas. Most obviously, the office can cut down on its paper recycling expenses. You might already have a great recycling program in place but going paperless might help to drive it even lower.

In addition to this, it might have several other benefits. Most importantly, the productivity of your team might be greatly boosted. Without clutter on the desks, people might be able to concentrate on their tasks at hand more easily. You also might see an improvement in the monthly expenses, since less money will be spent on printing.

Ban Single-Use Plastic

There might be more single-use plastic kicking around your office than you might think. From cups at the water fountains to straws from that office mixer, single-use plastic can be a massive polluter. Though you might currently get them recycled, you could also look into emanating them and replacing them with something more sustainable like recycled paper. 

Have a chat with your employees to see how they feel about banning things like plastic water bottles. By starting with them, you might be able to introduce and enforce a wider ban more easily. If you have a new employee starting bundle, why not look into the cost of including a company-branded water bottle in it? This might be an easy way for you to encourage everyone to feel a little greener.

In a big corporate environment like an office, it can be difficult to know where reasonable changes can be made. However, change might also be easier than you first thought. Take a look at your office structure today, and see where some changes can be made.


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