Eco-Friendly Decorating Tips for Older Homes
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eco-friendly home decor


If you’re dissatisfied with your outdated interior, then it’s time to experiment with modern décor ideas and transform your home into a true palace of style. By incorporating the latest green trends, you can immensely enhance the design quality of your living space and give back to the environment as well. In order to help you have the best makeover possible, we have prepared an easy-to-follow guide on how to properly decorate an older home.


Modify the existing look with eco paint

First things first, instead of changing everything from top to bottom, work with what you have and focus on introducing a new glow and attractiveness to your rustic interior. For instance, if your home is equipped with beautiful antique furnishing, you should complement the arrangement by adding a fresh splash of colour to it. You can try out a charming navy blue shade for the walls to truly bring out the meaning of class. However, be sure to use non-VOC products for the job so you can protect the environment and indoor air from toxic chemicals. Additionally, since older homes predominantly feature decorative wooden panelling, feel free to bring in a touch of drama by painting these in a bold salmon shade. On the other hand, homeowners who want to beautify their fabulous oak wainscoting or timber battens without paint should hire a woodworking expert to carve in intricate patterns for a breathtaking custom design.


eco-friendly home decor


New planet-friendly lights

Another important part of the green makeover process would be to shine a new light on your aged décor and reduce your carbon footprint. For example, art pieces can truly pop out with focused LED lighting. This includes recessed ceiling and floor lights that create a subtle glow and are perfect for diverting attention to the vintage paintings you want to accent. These light bulbs will reduce the energy consumption in your home by up to 50% and benefit the nature since they don’t contain harmful chemicals. Alternatively, you can achieve similar results by opting for minimalistic CFL track lights or chic sconces that will make the space feel like an art exhibit. On top of that, your old school foyer or drum table can look a lot more sophisticated when you place an urban-designed lamp on it for a timeless look. Lastly, high-end task lights with warm eco-friendly LED bulbs will brighten up your reading nook, boost your concentration and cast a pleasant radiance allowing you to enjoy your books in a relaxed ambiance.


eco-friendly home decor


Go for sustainable furniture

With the aim of adding a breath of fresh air into your home, you’ll need to bring in contemporary green furnishing and arrange your own unique design. This type of furniture is made from numerous recyclable materials such as wood, iron or even glass, allowing you to customize the look of your interior. For example, if you want to add more charm to the living room, you can bring in a lovely repurposed pine table as a great statement piece. For achieving an open eclectic arrangement, you should opt for a bamboo loveseat and a cute little cottage coffee table made from reclaimed timber in a matching colour. If you really like this style, you can further improve the look with an amazing egg chair that can serve you as a perfect statement piece. These chairs do not only possess a brilliant design, but they also have an advanced ergonomic shape so you can curl up in them and unwind completely while reading your favourite book or magazine.


eco-friendly home


Brighten the space up with recyclable windows

Last but not least, the time has come to invite more natural sunlight in with energy-efficient steel windows. Unlike PVC or vinyl ones which contain carcinogen elements that can harm the environment, such windows are made from natural and recyclable materials. Other than that, they help insulate your home and are designed with low-E glass which protects everyone inside from harmful UV rays. Another impressive fact about these windows is that they come equipped with a built-in non-toxic gas such as Argon or Kryptonite in order to efficiently insulate your home from the harsh cold weather. Finally, don’t hesitate to create your own new unique interior by choosing a classy custom-design for your windows and complementing the look with chic plantation shutters.


As you can see, older homes can easily be updated with modern green trends to look more glamorous. Simply experiment with decoration ideas and remember to add your own personal touch for a one-of-a-kind makeover project. Good luck!

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