Ways to Add Natural Elements to Your Interior
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If you’re a nature lover, there’s no better way to express it than adding a little touch of nature into your home. Bringing all those positive outdoor vibes in can be the perfect way to create a soothing interior and make it more comfortable. You can see this trend in almost every decorating style and there’s a reason for that. Turning to nature is what we all have a tendency to do, so it’s not a surprise when someone decides to style their home in a natural way.


Whether you’re changing the furniture, doing some upgrades and renovations or just adding a few new decorative items, natural elements are for everyone. Incorporating them is easier than you think and your home will be refreshed in no time.


Incorporate plants

Of course, this is an obvious choice, but also quite effective. Nothing says nature more than a touch of greenery in your home and you should use this frugal addition wherever you can. Even if you’re not the type who likes to take care of plants, there’s a type for everyone’s preferences, so those who don’t have a green thumb can always buy succulents and won’t have to worry that much. Ask your local florist to help you pick out the type that’s just right for you and write down the instructions to help you take care of your new plant.


Apart from looking nice, plants are also healthy home features because they have the ability to purify the air and boost its quality. For avid cooks, adding a small herb garden in the kitchen is a convenient and frugal way to always have fresh herbs when cooking.


Natural lighting

Huge windows that provide natural sunlight are great but don’t stress if your house doesn’t have these. One option is to replace your existing windows with much larger ones, thus providing your home with new light. Apart from that, this will be a perfect excuse to get rid of those old windows and add something more stylish and practical.


On the other hand, if this is beyond your budget, there are a few other options too. Start by painting the room in a light shade which will help the sunlight reflect better and provide more light to your home. For additional light, hang a few mirrors on your walls and create an illusion of additional sources of light. Use wood to outline the mirror and you’ll create a true showstopper and something everyone is going to admire.


Use wood

Wood is a great option because of its ability to adjust well to every design. You can use it in every part of your home without worrying about how much it will cost and whether it’s going to look nice or not. From different types of flooring to dramatic wood beams to emphasize the ceiling, wood is truly a great way to add that rustic appeal. You can even play with reclaimed wood and not worry about the material you’ve used in the renovation.


There are even great options like stunning barn doors that can connect two rooms without taking up too much space. They will boost the look of your interior and add a natural flow throughout the entire house. To top it all off, add a great coffee table which can become the focal point of your room if you add a subtle metallic touch to it.



This is the part where you can be creative and play with the design using different elements to boost your interior. You can transform a plain old vase and make it more special by covering it in small stones and rocks, and do the same with flower pots. You can use different types of branches instead of plants, especially if you’re the kind of person who always keeps forgetting to water them.


Another interesting way of adding a natural element to your home is installing a small water feature in your living room – it can be as simple as a small fish tank which can be turned into the focal point of the room. Alternatively, you can create a small fountain feature depending on your available space and your budget. However, if you want to go all in, creating a slate water wall is definitely something you should consider. This breathtaking addition will transform any room and add that wow factor, as well as the soothing sound of nature.


Any of the features listed above will help you create your own natural heaven and enjoy the tranquility of your home. Your indoor oasis deserves some special treatment with the help of a few outdoor elements, and this balance will help you lead a stress-free life and connect with nature. There are many reasons why you should consider getting in touch with it, and these tips are only the beginning.

Guest post by Emma B. Joyce



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