Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean Your Home’s Outdoor Spaces
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Having a beautiful backyard and a terrace for relaxing is something that’s becoming more and more important to people. It’s no wonder: after a long day in the office and traffic, we crave peace and quiet and want to go back to nature. A piece of land around our homes, no matter how small, that allows us to be outside, soak up the sun and relax, is the best everyday nature retreat we can get. That’s why it’s important to keep our outdoor areas tidy and clean. But it’s also worth keeping in mind that we should be responsible when cleaning – both to our health and nature. Here’s how you can maintain the cleanliness of your outdoor area while going green.


Why You Should Quit Using Regular Cleaning Products

More and more cleaning products all over the world are getting green and eco-labels because we’ve finally started taking care of our health and our planet. It’s normal to want only the best for your family, and once you’re aware of what harms you, you’ll stay away from it. But when it comes to outdoor cleaning, people seem to care less, because they feel products are being used out in the open. The truth is, however, that the remains of the chemicals can end up in the sewer system, and get back into the water supply. This can also eventually affect marine life. And even without these dangers, there’s always a possibility of children playing outside or pets wandering and inhaling or touching some of the product that hasn’t dissolved. This is why it’s important to stick to green cleaning even on the outside. What’s even better, you probably already have a lot of ingredients at home. You can make excellent cleaning solutions with water and baking soda, borax or vinegar.


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Let the Light in: Wash Your Windows the Eco-Friendly Way

Clean windows make a great difference in how much light gets into the apartment. But do you need to resort to toxic glass cleaning chemicals for that? No, not really. Baby shampoo can do the trick just as well. Another idea is a mixture of vinegar and water. This works especially well if you have any grease or oil stains on your windows. When it comes to the right tool, if you’ve been using paper towels in the past, reconsider this practice of using disposable products. You can use a lint-free soft cloth instead. When it comes to the window casing, whatever the material, you cannot go wrong with mild soap and water. Just make sure to rinse and wipe dry as soon as you clean, because soap can mess with the materials. If you have insect screens, remove them and wash them in a tub.


Washing the Exterior

The build-up of dust and dirt can make any house look neglected – the lighter the shade of your timber, the worse. Luckily, outer walls can be cleaned easily and non-toxically using just water and a pressure washer. Don’t always opt for high-pressure though, because some materials will not withstand it, so start slowly. Another good method is the good old rinsing. You’ll need a hose, a bucket, and a mild soap. It can be a boring task, but certainly worth it. If you have any areas that are hard to reach, and you don’t want to clean just a part of the exterior, there are professionals for outdoor cleaning in Sydney who use eco-friendly cleaning products and who will do the work for you in a way that won’t harm the environment, nor your walls and garden plants.


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Have an Ever-Lovely Patio

Your patio or deck is probably your favourite place to spend time, so make it clean and as enjoyable and possible. If it gets dirty after heavy showers, or just due to dust, know how to clean it properly and safely. Metal chairs can be washed with the mixture of warm water, ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide, a bit of natural dish soap, and a scoop of borax. Spray this onto the chairs and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then scrub away with a soft nylon brush, and be sure to rinse off. If your grill needs some work, try the almighty baking soda, which is a natural cleaner and completely safe. Dampen a grill brush, sprinkle baking soda on it, and then scrub your grill. Baking soda will work as an abrasive, and then just rinse the grill clean. If your children have any plastic outdoor toys that need cleaning, give them a bath with soap and warm water.


Dispose of Toxic Cleaners Carefully

When going green, it’s important to get rid of toxic cleaners – but throwing them in the trash isn’t a very green thing to do! These things aren’t good for the landfill (we mentioned going back in the water supply earlier), so find out if any store or a community near your home holds a recycling day on a regular day. They’ll be happy to toss your cleaners in a safe and eco-friendly way.


And now you have it – guidelines for cleaning your outdoors in a healthy and sustainable way. You don’t have to wait for the spring or autumn cleaning to do it all. Start small, and spread the big tasks throughout the season. That way you’ll get to enjoy outside every day.

Guest post by Sarah Jessica Smith



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