Eco-Friendly Home Decor Tricks
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eco-friendly home decor


When you are going to upgrade your home, you may be looking for some quick, little eco-friendly home decor tricks that will help you complete your job efficiently within minimal time and cost.


A new mirror, a fantastic color painting, a table lamp, and a green plant may help enhance the beauty of the home interior.


You should also follow some tricks that help you to make soft walls, brighten a room, and make living space more attractive.


Try to develop a beautiful design to make your home stylish and lovely.


Paint small rooms in softer colors to make the room feel larger

While you are designing a living room, it's a good idea to think about some essential features like available space, amazing colors, and furniture. If space is larger, it is comparatively easy to design.


But if there is space limitation, it's tough to decorate the room perfectly.


Try to select a bright color for the walls, use the stylish design on the floor, and arrange furniture to create a relaxing atmosphere. If the chosen color makes confusion, you may use a vivid or refreshing color.


Use decorative mirrors

The mirror is an important thing to make a small space feel larger. If the room is congested with a more limited amount of natural light, then the mirror absorbs natural light directly from the windows.


Try to set the mirror at the entrance of the home for welcoming the guests. You also have to set a small table in a perfect place. You should even know the flower arrangement in front of the guests.


Wicker baskets

When you are decorating your home, you won't usually have enough space to store all of your accessories. Use wicker baskets to keep all of your items like clothes, shoes, pillow, blanket, books, and so on.


If you manage your living space well, it can significantly enhance your home beauty and ease your everyday life.


All the items that you use every day can be placed where they will not bother you, and you can easily find them.


There are low-budget wicker baskets available in the market. If you use the entire home space properly, it helps you to save money and time.


You will see various examples of how to reuse wicker baskets to make functional DIY storage items for free.


Check out below, and see what we've got for you! Keep wicker baskets on top of the kitchen to decorate fruits and vegetables.


eco-friendly home decor


Use what you already have to decorate

Organize home accessories which you need all the time and keep the items in place which you can find easily at a glance. Place the large accessories on the first shelf. Then put the medium and small items on the second and third shelf.


Here we've provided a sample list of the home decor items, which help you enhance home beauty.

• Table and pendant lamps

• Baskets and bin bags

• Books and magazines

• Flower Vases

• Doormats, Doorbells

• Pillows, cushions, and throws

• Themed or special collections

• Birdcages and other hanging decors


Keep the potholder on the kitchen

A hanging pot rack is a useful item that changes the environment very much. The clean kitchen ensures a healthy life and keeps your family free from several diseases. If you keep the kitchen clean, it will help create a healthy environment.


Go green

Keep Herb plants in your living space. If you keep a plant inside the home, it will need the necessary sunlight. Try to put the plants near windows because the window is the best place to set up your herb plant.


If you want to keep a green plant beside the bedroom window, put small or large plants in every room.


Most of the indoor plants are inexpensive to design your space, which adds color and texture. Beautiful plants can keep the household atmosphere clean and balanced, which may help you refresh your mind.


Paint your bookcases or cover them with wallpaper

Many artworks may be expensive but not at all. Keep books horizontally and vertically on the shelf. After that, keep the book alignment from left to right. By following this position, you can keep plenty of books in a little space, which helps you to balance the weight of your shelf.


Take care of the floor

Always take the shoes off at the door before entering into the home, because shoes can carry nasty bacteria.


You must use doormats to absorb dust and dirt. If you don't take the step for preventing bacteria, it may create diseases, and especially child may suffer from dust allergy.


Try to keep the dirt out. Keep 3 to 5 feet long walk-off mat in front of the door. When you are using a longer doormat, more people will rub dirt and moisture off their shoes. They don't stop to wipe them.



There are so many ways to decorate your home. Everything depends on your personal preferences. The design of every house could be slightly different from each other. You have to try different ideas to create a beautiful place to live in.



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