Eco-Friendly Ways to Deal With Old Rugs
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deal with old rugs

Do you trash your old carpets? Many people don't know how to revitalize their rugs. Instead, they toss them into dumpsters without another thought. A sustainability problem arises from this. Every year, 4 billion pounds of waste makes its way to landfills in America. These materials sit for decades, as they can't decompose.

Therefore, it's essential to learn how to deal with old rugs properly. You'll generate less waste and create a few cool projects. Take a look at how to start.

Turn Them Into Art or Furniture

You may be surprised to learn you can repurpose rugs for many uses. There are various ways to turn your carpets into art, furniture, clothes and more. You'll have to be a bit creative, but it's a lot easier than you think. Plus, you can try more than one project if you have an especially large rug. These DIYs aren't expensive, so you'll save money while you enjoy something new.

Here are a few ideas on how to repurpose your old rug:

  • Pillow covers.
  • Ottoman upholstery.
  • Kilim poufs.
  • Table runners.
  • Headboards.
  • DIY doormats.
  • Pet bed covers.

You can earn cash from your creations, too. Many people would buy a unique tapestry or bag you made from your carpet. If you enjoy this process, you could start an online shop to generate a side income. The possibilities are endless when you think outside of the box.

Deep Clean Them to Remove Dirt

It's smart to care for your carpets properly. If you don't use specific cleaning methods, you won't be able to maintain your rugs. Stick to a routine so you stay consistent. A little hard work could help you save your rug — it may only need to be deep cleaned to return to its former appearance. Therefore, you should consider a professional service so they can try their hand at restoring your floor cover.

As a result of giving your items a thorough clean, you can continue using your pieces. If you still find that they're too stained or dirty to display, they'll be clean enough to partially use for a project.

Use Them for House Projects

An old carpet works well as a tool for outdoor projects. You can fold them to cushion your knees when you garden. A few carpet strips can remove window streaks. You could even use them as car floor mats. 

In any case, you can keep your rugs for many purposes. Don't be afraid to experiment with potential uses — you never know what may look nice or function well.

Recycle Them at a Local Center

There won't always be a use for your old rugs and carpets. That's okay! There's likely a way to recycle those pieces so you don't have to toss them. Search for local businesses or centers to find a place that can help. An example would be the Carpet America Recovery Effort. This foundation has many locations in the U.S. that turn your carpet into new materials and products.

If you have rugs you don't like anymore, you can list them for free online. You could also have a neighborhood garage sale or donate them to a thrift store. The possibilities are vast for making your rug useful again and bypassing the dump.

Try These Tricks to Avoid Throwing Old Rugs in Landfills

It's always better to repurpose and reuse your household items than dump them into a landfill. Whether you want to make DIY art or garden more easily, you can keep your old carpets and rugs for various reasons. Be sure to choose a recycling center when you've used them up completely. Your efforts will make a difference.

Written by Holly Welles


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Holly Welles is a freelance writer with a focus on green building and design. She regularly writes for Environmental Magazine, Home Energy magazine and other online publications. More of her work can be found on her blog, The Estate Update.


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