Energy-Saving Ideas for Your Greener Home
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When you decide it's time to beautify and redecorate your home, with sky-high energy bills that most people have, it might also be time to consider energy-efficient upgrades that can help you lower those costs significantly and contribute to the preservation of the environment.


With the following energy-saving tricks and minor adjustments, you can reduce your carbon footprint, cut down your costs and save money.


Switch to energy-efficient appliances

The greatest energy consumers are located in your kitchen since those appliances work around the clock, so that’s the best place to start. Switch your appliances to Energy Star rated type as they utilize much less energy than the standard ones while still performing their functions effectively.


In addition, make it a habit to unplug your TVs, computers and smaller kitchen appliances like your microwave and coffeemaker when not in use. Even then, they are in standby mode and still consume energy.


energy efficiency


Reduce your bathroom water consumption

Another part of your home that is perfect for implementing green design ideas is your bathroom. As this is the room that is in constant use throughout the day and where the careless water consumption can increase your monthly bill by 30%, it’s crucial you find effective solutions to fight the problem.


Start with installing a low-flow toilet, sink and showerheads that will still give you high functionality, but at a much lower cost. Also, consider using a greywater diverter that will accumulate it in a separate tank, so you’ll be able to use it for your backyard and car washing.


Replace your windows

Replacing your existing windows with energy-efficient models might cost more initially, but it will save you money in the long term and protect your home from heat loss in winter and gain in summer. Energy star rated windows have a low emissivity coating and are effective in reducing the harmful effect of UV rays but still allow lots of natural sunlight in.


With harsh and hot summers that are typical for Australia, homeowners resort to other measures as well to combat the heat. One such trick is installing highly practical blinds from Sydney that are excellent for deflecting outdoor heat and offering great insulation for the home. A variety of designs and colours allow you to customize the look and, being made of light-weight eco-friendly materials, they will not only add value to your home but enhance its beauty too.


energy efficiency


Opt for eco-friendly lighting

You can additionally increase your savings by investing in energy-saving lighting in your home. Replace your traditional, incandescent bulbs with either LEDs or CFLs as they are much more efficient and durable, and help you reduce your carbon footprint.


Smart lighting gives you the opportunity to operate your lighting system using a smart app so you can control the light colour and strength, and by installing motion sensors, you can save even more energy since the light will be on only when someone occupies the room.


Maintain your AC system

In order for your AC system to operate efficiently, regular maintenance is essential. Check your vents around the home to make sure they aren’t closed or blocked. If they are, your AC will struggle to keep the premises cool which will consume a lot of energy.


In addition, you need to clean the filters regularly as they too can obstruct ideal airflow and system effectiveness, if they get too dirty. Proper maintenance requires the filters to be cleaned or replaced monthly.


Using these energy-saving tips, you can easily transform your home into a comfortable green hub!

Guest post by Carolin Petterson



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Carolin Petterson is a Business Lady and contributor for number of high-class websites. She loves to share her experiences and talk about practical solutions, but her specialties are sustainability, sustainable business and green living.



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