Environmentally Destructive Beauty Ingredients
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You love your skin and your beauty products but you also love and care about the environment. But did you know that many of the products you find in your beauty products can be harmful to Mother Earth? You may be thinking that in order to protect the planet you have to give up the routines that keep you feeling beautiful inside and out. 

But wait, you don’t have to stop caring for your skin just to care for the environment. There are many useful swaps that you can make to help out the environment while keeping your skin beautiful.

For example, did you know that you can easily swap microbeads for enzyme exfoliators to help protect the planet? Microbeads are banned in a number of countries around the world but many people still look to them for exfoliation benefits. However, if you want to save the earth’s animals you might need to think about switching to an enzyme-based exfoliation product.

However, this isn’t the only swap that you can make to help Mother Nature have a fighting chance. You can also easily swap out seven other products for more environmentally friendly alternatives. Not sure which products are harmful to the environment? Check out the infographic below to learn more about what products are harmful to the environment.
The included infographic will tell you about the beauty product that is harmful to the environment. Why the product is harmful and gives you a useful swap that you can make to make your beauty regimen more sustainable. Check it out today.

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