A Guide to Blue Beauty: How to Make Your Beauty Routine Ocean-Friendly
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ocean-friendly beauty routine


Each minute, approximately one dump truck full of trash enters the ocean — joining the approximately 5.25 trillion tons of waste that already exists in the world's waters. Considering how much people, animals and fish rely on the ocean, coral reefs and organisms in the ocean to survive, it's clear that we need to drastically change our approach if we want generations to come to enjoy all that the oceans have to offer. 

From small businesses to large corporations, we're all doing what we can to lessen our impact on the environment. This has led to the rise of sustainable fashion, reusable food packaging and even blue beauty — a new trend in the beauty world that prioritizes sustainability within the beauty industry, with an emphasis on reducing impact on the world's oceans.

This includes adopting positive, environmentally focused habits, such as lessening the usage of microplastics, which can be found in facial exfoliators and body bars; using reef-safe sunscreen to prevent the coral reefs from being bleached beyond repair; and using reusable or recyclable containers, as the beauty industry alone is responsible for producing over 120 million units of cosmetics packaging per year (many of which aren't recyclable, reusable or sustainable).

In addition to these improvements in everyday life, blue beauty also means supporting environmentally-focused businesses that do more good than harm to the oceans. Fan-favorite beauty brands like COOLA and Lush support ocean-focused environmental charities, while others like REN Skincare and Kevin Murphy Hair use reclaimed ocean plastic in their packaging.

To learn more about blue beauty, how to adopt it in your everyday life and what beauty practices to avoid, check out this visual from FragranceX.

ocean-friendly beauty routine 


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