Five Unexpected Benefits of Moving to a New Home
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Moving to a new place can be daunting, stressful and costly. There are, however, some advantages of relocation, trust us. Protection Supplies have uncovered 5 unexpected benefits of moving to a new home.


Moving Gives You a Better Memory

Researchers from the University of New Hampshire have uncovered an interesting impact that moving to a new house has on the brain. The study asked those over 65-year old to recall five memorable experiences they had when they were between 40 and 60 years old, including house moves during that time. Amazingly, 149 participants could deliver all this information. And a huge 26% of those memorable events fell around the time of their moves. Uncovering relocating and the events around it could be the most memorable times of our lives – dubbed the ‘relocation bump’.


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You Will Become More Minimalistic and Less Materialistic

Want to be a minimalist? Just relocate. Studies in the US have found that the more you move to a new house, the fewer possessions you’re likely to have. Researchers noted that if you move around a lot, “you develop attitudes of disposability toward objects, furniture, books, devices - basically whatever merchandise you have at home, even your car." So, what about all those clothes you never wear but you’re still holding onto? You might just need a house move.


You’re More Likely to Pick Up Greener Habits

You’re more likely to use a greener mode of transport after a house move, according to Cardiff University. The study analysed data from over 18,000 UK residents and found they were substantially less likely to commute by car once they had moved home. Researchers have linked this change in attitude to the increased research of travel and the environment, with 87% of UK households reporting travel issues as a consideration when moving home.


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You Can Make New Friends

It’s hard to make friends as we grow older, as soon as you turn 25 to be precise. An analysis of a massive 177,000 people found that once you reach this milestone, you’re likely to lose a friend in each decade of your life. The stats might be somewhat depressing, but don’t despair. Relocating to new surroundings can help to overcome this hurdle. A new job or even a new gym can open many opportunities for meeting new people when you move.


It’s Possible to Double Your Money

If you’re moving to an entirely new city you could have the benefit of receiving a better salary from a new job. But, if you’re keeping your job and moving to a new house, you also have the chance to make a profit from your house sale. According to data from last year, homeowners on average made a whopping £92,000 profit. Astoundingly, one in five doubled their money.


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The Positives of Relocating to a New City

It’s all well and good listing the advantages of moving to a new house, but to see how it really benefits people, Protection Supplies decided to talk to individuals who have not only moved houses but cities.


“It helps you build character and confidence”

Carly Thompsett, the owner of Anaphase Media, moved from south central UK to Cardiff “in search of a better lifestyle and change of scenery.” She said,” I love it and don’t regret it at all. I think moving around helps build your character and confidence as you have to meet people to make friends.”


“As long as you’ve somewhere to live, go for it!”

Rhian Hunter, a grant auditor who moved from Newcastle to Norwich, says to anyone considering it, “Even if it doesn’t seem like you’ll be better off at the time, you never know where you’ll end up. And as long as you’ve somewhere to live, go for it!”


“You don't know unless you try.”

Ruth Walker, a Senior PR and Outreach Manager from Newcastle, believes, “Moving across the country for a better job or lifestyle may seem extreme, but it's one of the best things I've ever done. You don't know unless you try.”


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