Gardening Tips That Save You Green
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Gardening has an abundance of added health benefits. From lowering cortisol and reducing stress, adding a little more green in your life never hurts anybody (or your bank account). Whether you have a small balcony apartment or a full backyard to play around with, there are some easy ways to saving a couple of pennies when planting vs. grocery shopping.


Did you know that the average American spends roughly $6,800 on food each year? That is about 12.6 percent of their total spending. Not to mention, the majority of our food expenses are spent on fruits and veggies that could easily be grown in your backyard — all it takes is a little more time.


With seeds, pots, and water costing nothing but a few dollars, there is a tremendous opportunity for growth on your investment. Just by planting your own fruits and veggies could save you up to $800 a year.


If you have no idea where to start when it comes to planting, or you already have this thing down, Mint has compiled some go-to tips on how and where to get started. Along with that, we added some money-saving insider tips on which plants could save you the most green and different ways that you could benefit from adding this hobby into your routine.


Check out Mint’s infographic below to see for yourself!





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