House Appliances You Should Never Try Fixing Yourself
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don't fix these appliances yourself


We can all agree that each homeowner should be able to take care of their home. However, though we might be extra handy and pretty self-sufficient, we still aren’t capable of addressing all of the problems that we might encounter in our own homes. This is why it is important to know when to DIY and when to refer to professionals for help. Though it may seem cheaper and relatively safe to repair some issues, sometimes it simply isn’t worth your time, health, or your money.


We have compiled a list of repairs you should never perform yourself so you can determine when you should call the experts.



Roof and gutters

Though repairing a leak in your roof might seem like an easy fix, it rarely is. The roof needs to be properly inspected so as to make sure that all water is removed and that the insulation is in place and the hole is sealed tight. Though such water issues as leaks might seem harmless, they can jeopardize a partial or even the complete construction of your roof and your walls.


And if that isn’t enough reason for you, remember that working on the roof can be dangerous unless you have the right training and the right equipment. In the end, calling the pros is a better option, because roofs are difficult to fix and they can be unsafe for DIYers to address by themselves.


The same goes for the installation and repair of your gutters. It is a job that has to be done by professionals to avoid injury and further gutter-and-water-related problems. Though some might consider at least cleaning their gutter on their own, it isn’t recommended.




Though many of us can fix a leaky faucet and replace the showerhead, most plumbing works are off limits to DIYers. Water is tricky and one unsecured valve can cause mayhem in your walls or floors.


Attempting to fix your sewer is hard work which involves heavy digging, among other things. Not to mention that if anything goes wrong, you aren’t only creating a difficult, extensive, and expensive problem for yourself but also for your neighbors.


You might think that you are safe to secure the water pipes or even to replace them, but you would be wrong. Just one mistake can cause so much damage and there are plenty of opportunities for them. When dealing with pipes, calling a plumbing company is your wisest option.



Sure, a handy DIYer can install a chandelier without much trouble, but most problems with wires and switches should be handled only by licensed electricians. Electricity problems, even minor ones, can result in electrocution or electrical fires if not dealt with properly. It goes without saying that electrical repairs are costly, but the damage that a bad repair can cause can cost you your home, your health or even your life.



Electrical appliances that use water

If water and electricity issues are challenging, then appliances that run on electricity but also use water are double the fun. You might think you can handle doing the water heater or Whirlpool washing machine repair on your own, but determining the reason for why it is malfunctioning is difficult for the untrained. Moreover, you have to make sure that the machine is safe to use and that the water and electricity never meet.


As far as such appliances go, you can always do a preliminary check-up. Begin by checking the outlet and make sure it isn’t the source of your troubles and inspect possible visible damages on the machine. When dealing with a washing machine, for example, you can look into the drum and test the faucet. Anything more than that requires calling in the pros.


Being capable of doing small repairs is always a useful trait, but it is also important to know when to rely on the experts. Some repairs are just too complex and even dangerous to be done by those that aren’t trained in that particular trade. Sometimes they might be a bit expensive but think of them as an investment. To protect yourself and your home, use our checklist to determine whether or not you need to make the call.

Guest post by Helen Bradford



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