Misted Double Glazed Windows: The Causes, Tips on Repair & Replacement
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misted double glazed windows


A good double glazing unit can work wonders, keeping our homes warm during cold weather and providing security features with built-in mechanisms that help to deter break-ins. The latest double glazed windows are beneficial for your wallet, designed for energy efficiency and help you to keep your utility bills down by trapping the warmth in winter and the heat out in summer.


A double-glazed window’s insulation properties are a result of trapping inert gas within two panes of glass that reduces heat transfer. Although a simple mechanism, it is an effective way to reduce heat loss compared to single-paned windows. Like most things, the effectiveness of a double-glazed window unit decreases over time with wear and tear really becoming an issue when the sealing of the unit is broken, damaged or blown. Windows with broken seals can quickly become misted or cloudy with condensation.


Here’s our guide to identify if your PVCu windows need a replacement, the causes and indicators of damaged seals, and how you can go about fixing them.


How to spot a double-glazed window that needs replacing

The warning signs of damaged double-glazing seals will often go unnoticed at first as your windows may appear slightly misty and steamy. However, when a unit begins to gather mist on the external side of the windows, it can become a cause for concern. The fogginess of the external window suggests that the protective seals have failed. This allows a build-up of condensation within the two panes of glass.


Other indicators of a broken double-glazing seal include draughts and chilly air entering your home and gaps within the window seals that are visible.


Windows with broken double-glazing seals typically deteriorate over time, with cloudiness becoming progressively worse as other condensation prevention mechanisms within the window also fail, for example, the built-in silica strip which is placed within the void. Once the strip becomes over saturated, more air will replace the inert gas and increase moisture within the glass panes of the double-glazed unit, producing more fogging and decreasing the clarity of the windows within your home.


fixing misted double glazed windows


What causes broken double-glazing seals

Weather damage is that usual culprit for broken seals in PVCu windows. Double glazed window frames are designed to expand in the warmth and contracting the cold; the change in size loosens the sealing over time, allowing air into the gap. Regular maintenance and a proper after installation service from your double-glazed window supplier can identify problems early and extend the life of your units.


Most importantly, the quality of the window that has been installed affects how quickly issues arise. Selecting windows from accredited and trusted suppliers and installers can help prevent the purchase of lower quality windows that are prone to damage and faults.


How much does replacing double glazed units cost?

Misty double glazing often goes ignored. The cost of repair or replacement of your misted window depends on several factors – in some cases, only the sealed unit (glass) will be replaced, whereas older and more damaged windows may need a replacement of the entire unit including the PVCu frame. Replacement of old double-glazed windows is often worthwhile to upgrade to the latest technologies for energy efficiency and all-around performance. Window technology has advanced a long way compared to what was available even just a few years ago.


Bennbrook Windows provides whole house windows and door check from just £60, even if the windows were installed by someone else. We’ll be able to spot leaks or damage to double glazed units that are likely to cause problems in the future. We can provide a quote for replacing glass units or let you know if replacement is the more cost-effective solution, contact us for more information.


To find solutions that best suit your needs, contact Bennbrook Windows, as one of the largest UK regional suppliers of windows, doors & conservatories, you can count on us for top quality products, speedy installation and excellent aftercare for long lasting and effective results. Call for a quote on 01992 574 555 or visit our website at http://bennbrookwindows.co.uk.



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