How Are Sober Living Facilities Helpful For Young Recovering Addicts?
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Young mind is fragile and can be moulded in any way effortlessly. According to a research, 60% of teenagers and young adults are involved in some sort of recreational or habitual drug abuse. A lot of factors like a person’s company, easy access to drugs, the environment they live in etc., dictate how likely they are to fall prey to addiction. 

Once they have been through the process of rehab, sober living houses are the second main step towards their smooth transition into the community. 

Here are some ways sober living facilities like this one in Connecticut can help young recovering addicts battle against addiction and help staying sober: 

1. Managing Anxiety and Stress 

Anxiety and stress are the two leading factors in the causes of addiction. Young people might get dependent on drugs and alcohol while trying to calm down from stress and anxiety, which is why they need to be properly taught how to manage and handle their anxiety to avoid a risk of relapse.

Sober living facilities offer meditation and other activities that help young recovering addicts learn tips  to manage anxiety and stress, for example exercise, sports, art, etc. Teaching them to stop being dependent on drugs isn’t alone enough, helping them eliminate the root cause of their addiction will help them get rid of their addiction for good! 

2. Group Therapy Is Helpful

Group therapy is a really important part of helping young addicts deal with addiction and staying sober. It gives them a chance to talk about how they feel and learn from the experience of people older than them, who have more experience in life.

Sober living facilities have compulsory group therapy sessions that everyone needs to participate in, and they’re a great way of teaching young people how to manage the stress of socializing again and project their emotions into something positive. 

3. Participation In Chores

Sometimes when people get into rehab really young, they don’t have much time to learn basic life skills while struggling with addiction. Lack of basic life skills also comes with a lack of sense of responsibility. A great thing about sober living facilities is everyone’s obligatory participation in chores. The residents can do chores like laundry, emptying the dishwasher, gardening, cleaning and mopping, etc.

These are skills that everyone needs in order to get by. Young recovering addicts can benefit from this practice and develop a sense of responsibility that will be really helpful later on in life once they have left the sober living facility. 

Sober living houses also encourage people to get part-time jobs to pay their boarding fees. It helps them learn how to stay sober in a working environment even if it is alcohol-friendly. 

Sober Coaching

Young people need more attention and constant coaching to help them stay sober. In a world full of triggers, they can’t manage all that stress alone. Sober coaching, both during and after therapy, is really helpful for young recovering addicts since it uses one-on-one therapy approach and methods devised specifically for one person’s needs.

A sober coach can be a recovered addict who has dealt with this situation before and can really help a young person learn to deal with their triggers, or it can be a trained professional who can help them plan workout sessions, diets and other methods to help them stay healthy and sober. 

In any way, sober coaching provided by sober living facilities is an excellent way of helping young people learn how to deal with struggles of staying sober. 

As we have established, young people have really sensitive minds and can fall prey to addiction relatively easily. Sober living houses help them fight addiction with a collaborative environment and become an actively participating member of the community! 


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