Why Water Is So Incredible For Your Health
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You’ve heard the advice a million times — drink more water. This beverage promises to remedy anything from chronic pain to acne breakouts. What makes water so incredible for your health? After all, it has no calories or nutritional value. Read on to discover why you need more H20 in your life and how to get enough if you’ve resisted the advice to date. 

Why You Should Drink More Water

For something that’s odorless, tasteless and colorless, the ancient mariner was right — there’s water, water everywhere. Fully 60% of your body consists of the stuff, including 83% of your lungs. It makes you wonder how many of human’s evolutionary roots they maintained from their ancient aquatic ancestors. 

Since it makes up such a considerable percentage of your body, it’s no wonder that things go awry quickly if you don’t get enough of the stuff. Early signs of water depletion include headaches, memory loss, fatigue, constipation and muscle weakness. 

If you become severely dehydrated, you could die. While you run an increased risk in Southwest deserts than you do in steamy Seattle or South Carolina, the condition can occur anytime you sweat, vomit or use the restroom more frequently than you replace your body’s stores. 

Survivalists teach entire courses on how to find this vital substance in the wild. For instance, did you know that if you get lost in the wilderness, heading toward the nearest snow-capped mountain could slake your thirst? The water trickling down from above goes through natural filtration over rocks, and it’s some of the tastiest stuff you’ll ever encounter — although if you were in danger, a mud puddle would seem like an oasis. 

Dehydration presents a severe risk in emergencies. When a hurricane, flood or wildfire strikes, conditions can render existing supplies non-potable. The folks stranded on top of their home as waters grow deeper may indeed feel like the ancient mariner if they were parched before climbing to the roof. 

Sadly, even in industrial countries, it isn’t always a snap to find clean drinking water. Few people can forget the Flint water crisis, where at least 12 people died due to their taps flowing with lead contamination. While recent tests reveal that the quality in most areas has improved to acceptable levels, some folks remain afraid to drink from their kitchen faucet. When combined with insufficient money to buy the bottled variety, this situation poses a severe health risk. 

How to Get More H20 in Your Life 

Now that you know how crucial water is to your existence, how can you get more of it in your life? Here are six modern methods. 

1. Invest in a Stylish Bottle 

Are you still buying disposable water bottles? While you need to drink up, less than 30% of these containers end up in the recycling bin instead of the trash. The remainder ends up in landfills or, worse, harming oceanic wildlife. 

Instead, invest in a stylish reusable water bottle. You can decorate it with stickers in proper VSCO-girl style if you like. You can find insulated models that keep your beverage cold on the hottest summer days — opt for a version with a washable straw to further reduce plastic waste. 

2. Use an App 

The most adorable water bottle in the world won’t help you stay hydrated if you fail to sip. How can you remember that you have to keep hydrated if you already lost some water when you feel thirst?

Like nearly everything these days, there’s an app for that. Use a reminder alarm like StandAPP to remind yourself to drink up and rise from your desk for a stretch. 

3. Add Some Flavor 

Let’s face it — plain water holds all the excitement of steamed broccoli with zero seasonings. Yeah, it’s healthy for you, but it isn’t the most palatable. 

Make your water delicious by adding fruit. You’ll infuse it with vitamins and phytonutrients without tacking on calories. Make it easy on yourself by mixing a large, 5-gallon container of the stuff and keeping it in your fridge. Hit the tap whenever you need to refill your bottle. 

4. Carbonate It 

If you have IBS or Crohn’s disease, non-carbonated beverages can sometimes upset your stomach. However, there’s no need to resort to sugary sodas or drinks laden with artificial sweeteners. 

You can use a Sodastream or similar device to add the necessary bubbles. You’ll tame that tummy while staying healthier overall. 

5. Suck on Ice Cubes 

Sucking on an ice cube is only dangerous if you work in a deep freezer — your body temperature warms the water as it melts. Ice cubes make the ideal way to stay hydrated on summer days. It does create the sensation of decreasing your core temperature. 

However, you could break your teeth if you insist on crunching cubes. To protect your pearlies, keep your ice habit quiet. 

6. Make It Rewarding 

The famous behaviorist Pavlov taught the world that living beings respond well when given rewards. Treat yourself for each day you remember to take your bottle with you. You could reward yourself with a hot bubble bath or a trip to the nail salon with all the money you saved on sugary pop. 

Water Is Incredible For Your Health — Drink Up 

Water is vital to human health. Make sure you get your fill of this incredible life-giving beverage today. 

Written by Jennifer Landis


About the Author

Jennifer Landis is a mom, wife, writer, and blogger at Mindfulness Mama. She’s quite fond of peanut butter, distance running, yoga, and drinking as much tea as possible. Find her on Twitter @JenniferELandis.


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