How Climate Change Is Affecting Construction Jobs

climate change



Climate change is currently negatively affecting everyone all across the world, exacerbating severe weather events like wildfires and hurricanes and damaging our vulnerable infrastructure.


As the climate starts to change, so are our reconstructive efforts changing to help combat this issue. Across the country, many cities and companies are enacting policies to help combat the effects of climate change. Likewise, interest in implementing renewable energy has increased, with many projecting it’ll be more cost-effective to switch.


The construction industry has taken notice as job opportunities have grown in response due to the need to combat climate change. New projects to cut down emissions and repair and upgrade infrastructure have increased the demand for skilled workers.


To show the exact impact of climate change and the job opportunities that have been created to combat its effects, BigRentz, a construction rental company, created an infographic highlighting how climate change is affecting construction jobs.


climate change



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