How Dental Health Can Improve Your Overall Health
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Most people amongst you are not familiar with the connection between your oral health and your overall health. Research, however, shows that the relationship between your dental health and your overall health is more significant than you think. Taking proper care of teeth, gums, and tongue not only promises you a beautiful smile, but it also guarantees you a healthy body!


If you are not in the habit of taking care of your oral health, then you are not only creating problems for your mouth but your whole body. Oral health has a linkage with problems like diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, heart diseases, etc. That is why dentists often tell you that you should take care of your dental health; otherwise, there are chances of some serious problems later in the future.


dental health


Diabetes and Dental Health

Dentists have confirmed the connection between type 2 diabetes with your periodontitis or gum disease. Due to many past incidents and researches, you are at a high risk of type 2 diabetes if you have gum problems. You must take care of your gums and make frequent visits to the dentist so that your gums are back to normal. If you do not take care of the infections inside your mouth, they grow much more intense and lead to low-grade inflammation inside your whole body. The name for this low-grade inflammation is periodontitis. If the periodontitis worsens inside your body, your body will start to prevent the insulin from getting the glucose to the cells of the body. People who have a stainless steel crown inside their mouth should also be careful regarding infections related to gum as the aftereffects of these infections are bad. It is, therefore, advisable for you to take proper care of your gums and make frequent visits to your dentist.


dental health


Heart Disease and Dental Health

Cardiovascular diseases and poor dental health go hand in hand. Not brushing your teeth on a regular basis causes the accumulation of plaque on the teeth. This plaque, in turn, increases the risk of a heart attack or a heart stroke. According to dentists, cholesterol solely does not block the arteries. Improper brushing schedules, poor dental health, and accumulation of plaque on teeth also have a significant role to play in blocking the arteries. The plaque gets inside the bloodstream and, therefore, gets stuck in the arteries. Bad dental health is also associated with endocarditis. One of the leading factors for endocarditis are the colonies of bacteria that build up inside the mouth.


These bacteria attack your teeth and gums, further leading to gingivitis. When you get gingivitis, your gums start to bleed. After this, all the bacterial travels from the mouth to the whole body through the blood. And, when it reaches near your heart, it leads to a heart problem called endocarditis. To prevent yourself from getting these heart-related problems, you need to brush your teeth regularly. You should maintain good dental health by following a structured pattern of brushing and flossing. Doing so, you will not worry about any heart problems.


dental health


Pregnancy and Dental Health

In the case of pregnant women, gum problems are very common to occur. This happens because the hormones in the bodies of the pregnant women keep fluctuating, and due to these fluctuating hormone levels, gum infections happen inside the mouth of the pregnant women. According to doctors, pregnant women do not care much about their dental health as they have a lot of things on their minds. But, according to dentists, it is one of the major mistakes that pregnant women do. Scientists say that gum diseases trigger an oral infection called prostaglandin. Prostaglandin induces early labor in women and affects the health of the baby. Pregnant women who get a gum infection between 21 to 34 weeks of pregnancy are most likely to give birth before 37 weeks. A lot of doctors have evidence of poor gum health, leading to extreme problems in pregnancy, including poor health of the newborn baby.


All the research done by various doctors is accurate proof of how your dental health has so much to do with the other problems that you face in your day-to-day life. Pregnant women should, therefore, take as many visits to the dentists as they take to their gynecologist. Doing this, pregnant women will not only save themselves from getting some serious problems but will also protect the baby from catching some serious issues right after being born. It is imperative on the part of the gynecologist, too, to suggest their patients about taking frequent visits to the dentists. Since many pregnant women are still unaware of the effects of dental and oral hygiene on pregnancy, the gynecologist has to make pregnant women aware of all the problems regarding poor oral health.


Our mouths have a lot of bacteria present inside them. Most of the bacteria present inside our mouth are harmless. With most of the bacteria being harmless, it becomes crucial for us to take care of our mouth as the other bacteria can cause some severe damage to our mouth and overall body. When you do not take proper care of your dental health, you can catch hold of some serious problems. The harmful bacteria multiply and cause infections that lead to some of the severe problems that we discussed above. Therefore, you must start taking proper care of your oral hygiene from a young age to prevent yourself from all these problems in the long run.



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