How to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Home
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When installing the floor in a private house, you can ignore some of the restrictions that are relevant in an apartment building. The area of private housing is usually larger, which allows you to harmoniously combine several types of coatings that differ in texture, pattern, quality, selecting the material for each room separately, taking into account its characteristics.

Requirements for materials

There are only two basic requirements for floor materials:

1. Environmental friendliness. If living in the house is permanent, then you can choose respectable options for coatings such as parquet, tongue-and-groove boards, porcelain stoneware. 

2. Strength and durability. If the house is designed to last for several generations, then the life of the material is of paramount importance. 

Less significant, but also important, requirements are the design and comfort of the coatings.

Tiles. Particularly wear-resistant material

It is a practical coating that is optimal for non-residential premises of private houses: bathrooms and toilets, kitchens, corridors, hallways. Such a floor is moisture-resistant and hygienic since the surface does not absorb dirt and, moreover, is easy to clean, including using household chemicals. Also, the tiles are safe for health, presented in a wide range of colours, textures, sizes. 

The carpet. Warm and pleasant to the touch, but not suitable for every room in the house

Carpet is a fabric material that is made from natural and synthetic derivatives, it can be either with a thick long pile or almost smooth. 

Home carpet is used as a topcoat due to the following advantages:

Pleasant tactile sensations - you can walk barefoot on the carpet.

Thermal insulation - it is laid even on a concrete screed while walking on the floor with bare feet does not feel cold.

Large assortment - carpet varies not only in length and pile filling but also in texture, colour, pattern, composition.

Easy maintenance - it is enough to vacuum it from time to time to keep it clean.

Wooden floor. If you want to emphasise the classic style of the environment, you should make a wooden floor.

Wooden floors are the traditional choice of flooring in a private home. Such a floor is environmentally friendly, warm and comfortable. Among the disadvantages, it should be noted a decrease in the height of the room, because it is necessary to install logs under the subfloor as well as creaks that arise due to the peculiarities of installation and material. Such a floor covering needs to be periodically scraped, as it loses its original appearance due to dirt and mechanical stress. Its cost is quite high. It should also be remembered that a tree in a private house can be damaged by insects that like to settle in it. 

There are several types of wood flooring:

Block parquet. Natural finishing material, which is wooden planks, the top layer of which can be made of valuable wood species. From such strips, you can lay out a pattern, and for this, the material of various shades and sizes is used. To maintain an attractive appearance, the parquet is sanded and coated from time to time with protective compounds. If the top layer is thick enough, the parquet will last a long time - on average 50 years. So, make sure to find a good timber supplier.

Massive board. Long-lasting and practical material that can be renewed using the scraping method. Wood retains heat, looks presentable and will last up to 70 years. So, make sure to find good timber suppliers.

Cork. Lightweight and does not conduct heat, which means it is warm to the touch. It is resistant to moisture, restores its shape, and does not accumulate static electricity.


Floors are one of the most important parts of the house; therefore, try to approach the choice of flooring seriously and thoughtfully. There is a huge assortment of materials, so the choice is more difficult. We hope this short guide will help you cope with the task.

Written by Patrick Adams


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