How to Create the Perfect Fire Pit for Your Garden
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With the help of award-winning garden and landscape designer Matthew Wilson, Husqvarna have created a hand-drawn illustrative guide to picking the perfect fire pit for your garden. Whether you’re looking to keep hands toasty when autumn sets in or need a place to gather friends during the late summer months, fire pits provide the ideal setting for evening relaxation.


Fire Pit with Integrated Seating


Stone designs with an integrated seating are a great option for those with larger gardens. The main benefit of this design is that everyone sitting around the fire pit gets the same benefit from its warmth and visual impact.


In-Floor Fire Pit


Fire pits which require ground excavation or ground pipe installation, such as in-floor fire pits, can quickly cause gardeners to burn through their budgets, so to speak. However, in-ground pits offer a safer option, with little or no space for the fire to spread. You could also place pillars around it and set up a picnic table for a multi-purpose fire pit area.


Table-top Fire Pit


If you’re looking for a fire pit for the late summer months, opt for a table-top pit. The main benefit of a table top fire pit and grill is being able to enjoy the warmth of the feature and cook on it at the same time! A table-top fire pit will become a staple feature of your garden for years to come.


Fire Pit with Swings


This structure is the grown-up swing of your dreams and is perfect for bringing the family together. Fire pits provide intense sources of heat, so it’s important that you position it at a safe distance away from people.


Matthew Wilson advises that the fire itself should be “around 50cm-1m away from any seating”. Similarly, swings and walls should be far enough away so that they are not a fire hazard.


Covered Fire Pit


A covered fire pit can be used year-round regardless of the weather, and using gas instead of wood means there is no need for a flue or chimney.


The slick finish and choice of materials required to create this covered fire pit are at the top of any budget. Anything with a structural element – in this case a roof – should really be built with the skills of a specialist professional.


Sunken Fire Pit


If you have your heart set on a wood-fuelled fire pit, a sunken fire pit is ideal because the fire is naturally sheltered from wind and the heat is well contained.


If you do opt for wood, Matthew Wilson recommends avoiding resinous woods, such as conifer, as they burn too fiercely and can be dangerous. Oak and other hardwoods are good choices because they burn slowly, while ash and birch are also decent fire-starters. For a lovely aroma, Matthew recommends cherry wood.

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Source: Husqvarna



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