How to Turn Your Backyard into an Eco-Friendly Oasis
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If one is to discuss turning their backyard into an eco-friendly environment, there are two crucial rules that need to be adhered to – the input of resources has to be taken down to a bare minimum and the output of energy and waste has to be reduced. Of course, this does not mean that you will end up with an ugly backyard that prioritizes efficiency on your hands. If you want to know how to approach this project in the right way, here’s how to turn your backyard into an eco-friendly oasis.


Go with native plants

Have you ever wanted to have some exotic greenery planted in your backyard? This might not be the most prudent idea if you want to create an eco-friendly oasis. In fact, the most sensible thing to do is to start researching which are the most robust types of local plants. If you fill your backyard with local shrubbery, you will reap numerous benefits. One, the maintenance of these plants will be brought to a minimum because they are already adapted to plant “illnesses” of the area, as well as the insects and the quality of the soil. Second, you will not have to waste water on these plants as much as you would on the plant life that comes from a completely opposite corner of the globe. It’s all about the philosophy of green landscaping.



Create a shade

When it comes to planting local trees, choose the species that boasts the biggest crown – you will want to keep your backyard in sensible, cozy shade as much as possible. Climate change has turned our sun into a dangerous element during the summer heat waves, and exposing your plants to too much sunshine can damage them beyond repair. Shade equals energy efficiency, so try to “tuck” your backyard between lush treetops, nice awnings and convenient carports which will prevent your vehicles from turning into bona fide furnaces.


Consider lighting

Electrical grids can be the biggest “devourers” of energy, and in order to get sustainable, you need to consider redoing the entire thing. Of course, this does not have to be as hard as it sounds – you can merely replace the old incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient models such as CFL and LED. These new models are known to spend 10% of what regular light bulbs gobble up, which means that you can freely turn your garden into an enchanting midnight oasis. Just make sure to purchase lights and lanterns that have the appropriate sockets, set up several strings along with your backyard and hang the lanterns around for the most magical effect.




Xeriscaping is not as novel of an idea as it might seem. In fact, it dates back to 1981 when some landscapers decided to think of useful ways to preserve the gardens in the case of severe droughts. Today, it is a good method to achieve energy efficiency in your backyard. It is all about reducing the need for watering. For example, xeriscaping entails grouping the types of plants that require the same amount of water and mulching the ground.



Even though it can be considered a part of the xeriscaping technique, mulching is easily a discipline of its own that can really assist in turning your backyard into an eco-friendly oasis. By mixing up an organic mulch and spreading it around your soil, it will conserve moisture and temperature even if the climate fluctuations get a bit drastic. Furthermore, if you add compost to the mix, you will provide the necessary nutrients for your plant life to thrive. Combine this method with the planting of local greenery and you will have a healthy and lush backyard garden from your dreams that is as eco-friendly as it is beautiful.



Each backyard is its own distinct microcosm of flora and fauna. The best thing you can do, if you want to create an eco-friendly oasis behind your house, is to rely on local resources as well as the “immediate” biome and climate. By going native with the plant life in your garden, you are decreasing the chance of wasting resources and you will have an opportunity to create a captivating, alluring patch of greenery.

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