How to Declutter Your Home And Mind
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declutter your home


There are many different types of self-care and ways to practice it. From exercise to journaling, self-care can look very different while still accomplishing the same goal — clearing your headspace and helping you prioritize your needs. One self-care activity that is very timely in today’s climate is the act of decluttering. 

Now that roughly 40% of Americans are working from home, clutter and personal belongings can quickly fill up your space as kitchens double as classrooms and bedrooms as offices. Getting rid of clutter can benefit your physical and emotional health as clearing space can help lower anxiety and stress

When things are out of order, it can make us feel scattered and anxious. Due to the turbulent nature of our current climate, decluttering is the ultimate self-care hack for gaining back some control and feeling zen. 

And you won’t be the only one to use decluttering as a self-care practice. Celebrities like Mindy Kaling use decluttering as a way to clear their heads and recenter. 

If you’re interested in learning how to declutter like the pros, the folks at Zolo have created the visual below to provide the top tips for decluttering from beginning to end. Whether you’d like to declutter your whole home or begin one room at a time, they’ve sourced methods from organizational experts to help you be successful. Happy cleaning! 

declutter your mind


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