How to Dress Sustainably from Head to Toe
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dress sustainably



Sustainability has become quite a buzzword in recent years, but for most people, that’s what it remains: a word. In order for this ongoing awareness-raising movement to take effect, we actually need to translate the word into meaningful, everyday actions we can take to make a difference. And believe it or not, what you wear speaks volumes of your sustainability beliefs.


Fast fashion is one of the main culprits behind the world’s growing levels of pollution, not to mention all the toxic waste, harmful chemicals released into rivers and seas, and a slew of other issues caused by fashion giants with no regard for Mother Nature. Do you want to make your choices count? Choose green. Here are a few simple ways to dress sustainably one piece of clothing at a time.


Memorable green tops

There’s a reason why we consider our tees and button-downs to be the staple of a stylish wardrobe. You can combine them with the most formal attire possible, elevate them with accessories, and you wear them every single day depending on the season. Naturally, the greener you dress up, the better it is for the world. Armedangels uses organic cotton to create its simple, but stunning button-downs, so that you can wear them to work and to a coffee date, knowing you’ll look fab at no cost to the planet.


On the other hand, look no further than Alternative Apparel for your selection of comfortable, skin-perfect and Earth-friendly t-shirts that are ideal for everyday use. One of the key ways in which they contribute is by using 60% less water for their clothes production on average. As for the colder months of the year, put on a Cuyana sweater that will last you a lifetime due to their quality choice of merino wool, cashmere, and alpaca wool - all sustainable, low-maintenance, and comfortable.


Eco-friendly jeans

Another fashionable must-have that is as timeless as any trend could possibly get – jeans - are very taxing on the environment; and although most quality pairs will last you for decades, you’ll find most modern brands to be very poorly made and in need of a replacement in a few months. Opt for long-lasting, eco-friendly jeans - the likes of those made by Reformation, a brand that uses repurposed denim and surplus materials.


For a royalty-approved status, go to Outland Denim for classic jeans with a modern twist made of organic cotton and in a sustainable production process that uses less water and applies energy-conservation best practices. If Meghan Markle loves them, so will you!


dress sustainably


Your sleepwear with a green twist

Talk about finding the answer to the everlasting “how do you sleep at night?” conscientious conundrum, making you question your every style choice. Finally, the Sleepy Dee collection made of organic bamboo and skin-friendly silk provides the answer for your sleepless nights. You’ll be clad in lush, delicate garments hand-crafted in Australia, and in the spirit of all things green and sustainable.


This is one of those brands that proves that sustainability doesn’t have to sacrifice style, and in this case, sensuality and sex appeal when designing these garments. The hypoallergenic materials are not just a godsend for your sensitive skin, but their cutting-edge sustainability certifications ensure that these mesmerizing pieces are made with the planet in mind.


Put your best foot forward

Proving that sustainability goes so well with all things stylish, let’s take a look at a few brands that will cover all of your footwear needs - from the luxe office heels and that cocktail evening look all the way to your everyday street strut when you’d rather just put on your plain sneakers. All occasions can be sustainable, and for the fanciest of them, Veerah has you covered. With a range of vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable shoes, you can proudly wear them to any gala or office party of your choosing.


Now, some shoes do go the extra mile, not just for your feet, but for the betterment of other people’s lives, too. Look at how Sseko invests their sales in empowering the education of women in Uganda: they hire and train local women and then help them get a higher education when their term is finished.


Athleisure for a healthier planet

From world-famous Patagonia with their exquisite outdoor apparel, all the way to Satva and similar names that have yet to climb the market ladder, more brands are using the beloved trend of athleisure to provide the world with sustainable clothes in which you can train.


By choosing these brands, you not only make sure you’ll buy a sustainable piece of clothing, but you also choose durable items that will outlast any poorly-crafted, fast fashion item that has been a drain on your gym budget so far. Their durability and eco-conscious design go a long way in healing our planet one sporty step at a time.


These brands and many other rising stars just like them are proof that we can indeed change our ways. Shop with sustainability in mind, and you won’t reduce your style, quite the contrary – you’ll elevate it to a look that’s planet-worthy and that speaks volumes of your values every day and for every occasion.

Written by Fiona Wood



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Fiona Wood is a lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. She is in love with good coffee, croissants and fashion magazines. In spare time she plays tennis and traveling around the world.



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