How to Empower People With Disabilities Through Nature
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Many people who live with disabilities spend most of their time indoors. Disabled folks often have to miss out on many opportunities to enjoy nature and all of its beauties, but not anymore. There are many ways people with disabilities can join in on different outdoor adventures and connect with nature in a safe and exciting way.

Electric wheelchairs

Getting an electric wheelchair opens up a whole new world to people with disabilities. With an electric wheelchair, people can access new paths and go farther than they’ve ever gone. Many models of the electric wheelchair, especially those outdoor extreme mobility types, can navigate rugged terrain and cross obstacles. These provide safety, comfort and access to new places that were not available for them before.

National parks

One amazing place for disabled people is the national parks of all kids. These natural spots are perfectly accessible for all people at every location — it’s the law in many countries such as the USA (accessibility is a requirement under the law of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other laws). The National Park Service has the goal to make all of its activities, programs and locations accessible to people with disabilities as much as anyone else. These services are doing their best to ensure total integration, or at least as much integration as possible at this moment. Additionally, national park entrance fees are free for people with permanent disabilities in many places, which can make an important difference.

Join organizations

Organizations that offer support for people with disabilities and their families are a great place for all people who want to socialize, make new connections and spend more time outside. Through these organizations, one can enjoy NDIS social activities like visiting beaches and parks, participating in physical fitness activities and sports, taking part in courses and projects, enjoying outings with friends and families, etc. NDIS plans allow better access to many outdoor and indoor activities for people living with all levels of disabilities.

Camping trips

camping trip is a treat for anyone and can be a great experience for people with disabilities. Visits to the park are useful, but spending an hour or two in nature is not enough for a fully immersive experience. In many countries, boards and organizations are working together to make outdoor recreation, camping included, more accessible for all individuals. This inclusivity includes providing accessible surfaces for mobility, campsites integrated with accessibility ramps, facilities and stations for wheelchair charging, tent platforms that don’t slope, proper parking and many other benefits.

Before you and your loved ones embark on your camping trip, it’s best to check the location and see whether they have accessible campsites that will meet national standards and laws and your own requirements. A smart idea is to also make reservations so you don’t have to worry about vacancies. Many campsites don’t make reservations, but those with accessible spots will usually make an exception for people who need them.

Adaptive vehicles

A great way to enjoy the outdoors is to take a nice bike ride along the pathways and greenways, but for many people with disabilities, this is not possible without an adaptive vehicle. Luckily, these adapted vehicles like handcycles, tandem bikes, three-wheeled bikes as well as electric bikes that are suitable for people with ample mobility but less stamina. These bicycles allow people to travel with their peers, enjoy the fresh air, sun and natural views and get plenty of exercise necessary for healthy lifestyle.

Everyone should have access to nature and ways to deepen the connection with the outdoors. Thanks to many adapted vehicles and accessible outdoor places, people with disabilities can spend time in nature with their friends and loved ones as is their right.

Written by Diana Smith


About the Author

Diana Smith is a full time mum of two beautiful girls and is interested in sustainability, ecology and home improvement. She enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family. You can find her on Twitter here.


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