How to Extend Your Travels When in Asia
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earn money when in Asia

While the world continues to battle with a coronavirus pandemic that has claimed more than 1.17 million deaths as of October 28th, some nations in Asia are recovering at a quicker rate than others across the globe, creating an opportunity for you to reignite your passion for travel and explore far-flung corners of the globe once again.

The question that remains, of course, is what are the best ways to earn money while abroad and earn money that can help you to extend your travels?

Trade the Financial Markets

Ideally, you’ll be able to seek out passive income streams when travelling overseas, as this will enable you time to take in your surroundings and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience.

In this respect, you may be able to use the Internet to your advantage, as this affords you access to a number of passive income streams, including creating a unique travel blog or trading the financial markets.

While the latter may require a little more knowledge and preparation, this option has a genuinely passive nature and allows you to access an increasingly diverse marketplace through comprehensive online brokerage sites.

What’s more, you can use analytical tools and intuitive risk management measures such as stop losses to control your account remotely and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Teach English

Out of more than 7.5 billion of the world’s inhabitants, approximately 1.5 billion speak English. This includes a large and fast-growing contingent throughout Asia, where English is commonly spoken as a popular second language.

Given this, there’s a strong and omnipresent demand for skilled and native English speakers to teach the dialect to youngsters, while it’s also possible to work flexibly and in a way that suits your travel schedule.

While you don’t always need formal qualifications to teach English in Asia, you may be able to increase your chances of securing work in a competitive field if you have some accreditations or previous experience.

Pick Fruit

For those of you of an older-school bent, you could also consider more traditional options such as picking fruit.

Just as in the UK, there’s a strong and consistent demand for fruit pickers in Asia, and once again locals are increasingly unlikely to undertake this work given the pay and conditions. 

This is also a flexible option for travellers, and one that can boost your travel funds incrementally and over an extended period of time.

However, the potential returns here are minimal, and the nature of the work means that you’ll have to make a significant physical commitment to achieve your objectives.


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