How to Make Travel Easier For Disabled People
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Traveling can be more difficult for disabled people than for others, especially when you are flying. From navigating the airport to getting through security checks, there can seem like there are endless obstacles to your vacation. To make sure that this goes smoothly, here are some top tips for healthy and relaxing travel. 

Look Into a TSA Notification Card

TSA notification cards are one of the must-haves on your packing list as they can ensure that you will be able to easily bypass security and let security personnel know of your needs and disability. This will prevent you from being held up at security and can ensure that anything that might hinder the screening process can be communicated to those on duty. To get a TSA medical card, you need to contact the TSA, who can provide you with an online form to fill out if you have any of several physical and mental conditions, or if you are blind or deaf. You might also be able to arrange the documents that you need through a flight coordinator at Flying Angels, who can help you to organize your trip for you.

Book a Disabled Seat on Your Flight

Once you have got through the airport, to continue to ensure that your flight is as easy as possible, you should book a disabled seat in advance. These are often located nearest to the doors of the aircraft and are often wider, allowing wheelchairs and other equipment, such as respiratory aids, to be accommodated. This can help those with limited mobility to comfortably navigate the plane, including the narrow aisles that are often a feature of them. When you are on the plane, you should also always include a travel kit when you pack that can contain all of your necessities, including health-related items. 

Know the TSA’s Phone Number

Before you get to the airport in question, you should find out the TSA’s contact details. Although you will likely not need to use these, by having their phone number on hand, as well as that of emergency contacts, you will be able to quickly seek advice if there is an issue during your time at the airport and beyond. 

Talk to the Airline About Your Equipment 

On occasion, airlines may find it difficult to accommodate medical equipment unless you can let them know what equipment you have in advance. For instance, you should tell them the details of your wheelchair, such as its size and model, to make sure that your flight is prepared for you and your needs.

Get Assistance 

Although it is not frequently advertised, there is a lot of assistance at airports available to you. For instance, you can ask for assistance in navigating and traveling through the airport from a trained member of staff. Most airlines also offer shuttle services that can help to transport you between the airport and your plane if you have limited mobility. Your airline may also be able to give you your wheelchair as soon as you disembark the plane, or they can arrange a transfer chair to make sure that you can leave the plane safely. 


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