How to Find the Right Garage Door for Your Home
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There’s more to the right garage door than meets the eye. Even though our garage is usually observed as just a place for our car and a convenient storage space, it has a great effect on some other parts of our lives, too. For instance, it is a big factor in heat retention. Properly insulated garage door will prevent the cold/hot air from entering your home, thus lowering your monthly bills. In fact, an insulated garage door is immediately adding the “green” title to your home.


Also, the door adds to the overall house appeal. When you look at it, the garage door really takes up a lot of space visually, thus determining the total look. Modern garage doors are in high demand, especially when it comes to turning your garage into a home office. Even if you don’t have such ambitions, the possibility of transforming the garage into an office space is what’s hot on the market.


As you can see, picking the right garage door is quite important. Therefore, let’s take a look at what we should bear in mind when in search of the garage door and garage dealer.




In case you’re going for the traditional look, this would be your choice. However, from time to time it requires maintenance. You will have to stain and paint the door every year. On the other side, you can order custom design and stand out in the neighbourhood.



These doors are very easy to open, even manually. They are very modern, and harsh weather conditions can’t harm them.



On the other hand, steel is stronger than the previous two. You can also choose from a bunch of styles, colours, designs and finishes. The disadvantage – if it is scratched, it will rust.



A new material, compared to the rest. It’s the most durable, but also the most expensive and it can crack under pressure. Nevertheless, it is resistant to saltwater, which makes it ideal for houses near the beach.




You’ve chosen the look of your home very carefully, so bear that one in mind when choosing the door. You cannot go for ultra-modern looking garage door if you have a Victorian or Colonial style house. Admittedly, you can install whatever you wish, but it will certainly stand out and diminish the overall house appeal if it fails to match.



Along with the style, the colour of your home affects the garage nuances, too. No matter what kind of interior you prefer, and even if you really relish the contrasts and vivid colours, that simply does not go well on the outside, to say the least.


Basically, the colour of your garage door should be the same as the colour of your house windows. If there are red bricks involved, the ideal garage door would be in a tan or beige shade to match the mortar.



Safety first

In case your family includes toddlers, little children or perhaps the elderly with some physical and mental challenges, you have to pay special attention to the extra security features. The door should have excellent reverse mechanisms and an emergency release feature. Needless to say, keep your garage open and out of children’s reach. Pressure sensors are there to immediately lift the door should the door hit something (or someone).


Also, your garage door is another entrance to your home, so make sure to secure it against burglaries.


Choosing the right dealer

Once you have finally made your decisions about all the above, there is one more choice, and it may be the most important one – picking the right garage dealer.


First of all, check whether the company complies with the local building rules and regulations. Next, they should have proper business and employee insurance (simply ask to see the copy of their Certificate of Insurance). Try to find a reputable and financially stable company. If the dealer has been around for decades, it’s a good sign of their reliability.


A lot is at stake when purchasing the perfect garage door. Focus on the features most important for you, and start looking for the best dealer. Ideally, the dealer will be able to provide you with plenty of options to match your preferences.

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