How To Grow Commercial Cannabis In An Eco-Friendly Way

eco-friendly cannabis growing

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Sustainability is not just a trend for businesses, rather it is a necessity in the new normal. Consumer focus is shifting towards eco-friendliness, and everyone wants to stick with sustainable products and brands. Business owners need to do their bit to match these expectations, no matter which industry they operate in. If you are a commercial cannabis grower, it is time to think green beyond the crop. 

You must embrace sustainable growing practices that enable you to conserve resources. Indoor growers have to be extra-conscious. There are specific requirements for lighting, nutrition, and water for cultivation. Luckily, there are ways you can give your plants everything they need without compromising sustainability. Here are some tips to follow for growing commercial cannabis in an eco-friendly way. 

Use organic products

The simplest way to go sustainable is by opting for organic products for nutrition and pest control. You can simply easily switch to eco-friendly fertilizers that do not contain harmful chemicals. Likewise, it is also possible to prevent crop pests with good care during growing, harvesting, and processing. You will probably not need to use pesticides if you follow good crop care practices. Brands and consumers prefer organic cannabis, so you will end up selling more organic products. Not to mention, you build a good reputation for being an eco-friendly grower.

Reduce water and energy consumption

Eco-friendly sellers go the extra mile to reduce their carbon footprint to a minimum. When you start cultivation, you must think beyond looking for states you can grow weed legally. While it is crucial to be on the right side of the law, you should also consider practices to conserve resources. An average cannabis plant requires liters of water every day, but you can limit its needs by implementing some measures. For example, putting hays around the planting beds slows down the evaporation rates. You can invest in automated irrigation systems to prevent wastage. Investing in LED lighting for indoor cultivation is a reliable measure to save energy consumption. You can cut down your monthly bills and reduce the impact on the environment with this simple measure. 

Make your own compost

You can move one step ahead with sustainability by making your own compost as a commercial grower. The best thing is that the practice is easy, and you need not spend a fortune to set up a recycling system. After harvesting the crop, dispose of the plant remains into the compost bin. The waste after trimming should also go there. Let these stay for a few months, and they will convert into a healthy feed for your plants in the next season. The initiative gives you access to organic fertilizer in-house, saving money for your business. Not to mention, your crop gets the best possible nutrition.

Eco-friendly commercial cannabis cultivation is easy to achieve, provided you follow these basic measures. Implementing them is quick and inexpensive and even saves you money down the line. Most importantly, you have a sustainable business that wins on the reputation front.


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