The 5 Big Benefits of Swimming
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benefits of swimming


Whatever your fitness goal might be, whether it is losing weight, building muscle mass or getting your fitness level up, swimming is definitely one of the best options to achieve it. By opting for this type of exercise, you will get a full-body workout with minimal risk of injury which will allow you to combine it with other types of exercises. This is just one of the benefits of choosing swimming as your go-to training. If you need more convincing evidence, continue to read the list of benefits provided by this article.


Swimming can benefit your back

swimming benefits your back



Working out in a horizontal pose can be viewed as the ideal way to counteract all the time you spend hunched over a desk or steering wheel. This is one of the reasons swimming is such a great option. Both running and cycling put additional pressure on your back, and that is something you don’t need. So opting for swimming may help improve your posture and prevent the back injuries and pain caused by long stretches of sitting in one position. There is still some resistance which has a positive effect on strengthening your back muscles without the possibility of injury.


It helps shape your body

When we swim our entire body works out. This means there is no singular group of muscles getting additional training. This, in return, ensures that no single part of your body will be pronounced, but rather that you will get the well-toned natural figure. Of course, it is always important to have the right equipment that can enhance your performance. A couple of quality one-piece swimsuits can be just what you need to get the speed you need and improve on your exercise efficiency. And it is not just about the efficiency, you should also feel good, and look good while you swim - it is bound to boost your self-confidence.


It can help your mind focus

swimming helps your mind focus



Swimming is ideal for helping not just your body but also your mind stay in shape. While you are in the pool, you can focus on the movement without having to engage your brain. That way you get to clear your mind, get additional oxygen in with proper breathing, and, as a result, you will make great decisions for the rest of the day. A lot of successful people start their day with an hour of swimming. That way they can clear their thoughts, de-stress and get ready for another workday. Helping you find that balance between the mental and the physical is definitely one of the main benefits of swimming.


It can do wonders for your flexibility

Swimming is an ideal choice if you want to improve your overall flexibility. Now, don’t expect it to be as effective as yoga or pilates, but it can definitely help you stretch your muscles thus improving the flexibility of your joints and helping with recovery in case of an injury. Given that swimming requires a tremendous range of motion, it is quite logical that being flexible is one of the major concerns for swimmers, and most of them add additional exercises to increase flexibility. But for someone who is not swimming professionally, it is that range of movements that is sufficient for increasing your body's current flexibility.


It can help with healthy weight loss

swimming and weight loss



If you are overweight and deciding to start your journey towards a healthier life, exercise is always the key. However, the additional weight that you carry can put a lot of stress on your joints and that can very easily lead to injury. This is where swimming comes into play. As you are floating in a body of water or swimming pool, there is no pressure on your joints, but at the same time, the water resistance is helping your body get the exercise it needs to lose those pounds. This makes swimming the ideal starting point for those who want to get fit and lead a healthier life.


These are just some of the numerous benefits of swimming. But the best option is to try it for yourself and experience the transformation it can bring to your own body.

Guest post by Brigitte Evans



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