How to Keep Your Garden Safe and Secure: 6 Tips to Follow
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Are you worried about the safety of your garden? With the growing trend of garden thefts in summer, homeowners have taken up swords to battle against it. As the summer approaches, you will be surely spending a lot of your time in the garden, right? Therefore, get ready to save yourself from unwanted thefts and burglaries.


Technological advancements, well-equipped tools and techniques, and a few right things on the list are all that you need to keep your garden secure.


Listed below are some of the expert tips and tricks that will help keep your garden safe and secure in summer.



Lighting and CCTV

Invest in good lighting and security systems for enhanced security in your property. Keep the outdoors lit so as to trick the thieves for someone's presence in the garden area. Install a well advanced live feed transmitting CCTV camera in the outer space of your property and keep a check of the camera footage over your phone, desktop or laptop. Also, have a security guard or a barking dog in the outer area of the house and help keep your property safe and secure.


Railings & Fence

Fence the entire garden area with metal railings and fence so as to keep the burglars at bay. Also, many homeowners incorporate the flow of low volt current throughout the fencing around the garden. Trust a professional - certified and licensed manufacturer of gates, railing and fences - for top-quality fencing and railing services. Also, check your fence for any kind of cut or break - this will alarm you for an upcoming theft that might be on the way. Replace the locks that are entirely rusted with new digital locks with a fingerprint scanner.


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Remove Climbable Items

If you have climbable items in the garden area like stairs, wheelies and bins, make sure you remove them and put them in the garage to prevent their theft.


Driveways and Paths

For driveways and paths, cover them with gravel so that you are alarmed with the footprints in case of an intrusion in the property. Driveways often attract attention of a burglar who is focusing on your garden equipment and tools. Most of the burglary happens at night, and therefore, enhanced security should be placed at every corner of the house.


Tree Anchors

Have you ever heard of tree anchors? Well, tree anchors are used to alarm the homeowner in case of any movement around it in the garden area. Tag all the items with visible ink such as garden machinery, patio furniture and other garden equipment. Make the best use of strong chains and locks for bigger and more substantial items like tubs, benches, etc. Most of the times, homeowners have complained of missing bicycles from their garden area. Bicycles are an easy and economical target for the thieves.




Prickly plants

It is one of the best ideas to use thorny plants like cactus, black horns and holly to cover all the entry points of the garden area. This will not only make it painful for the thief but also make it difficult to scale the walls and fences around the garden area. Prune all the big trees and bushes so that you have a clear view of the entire area. Big shrubs and trees are an ideal space for the thieves to hide. Create barriers for the thief with wild bushes and thorny paths at the entry points.


These are some of the top tips and tricks that will keep your garden area completely secure and safe in the summers. Gardening doesn't necessarily include keeping a check on the condition of your plants, soil and water, it is much more than that, and security is one right issue that should concern you as a homeowner. If you are a garden lover deeply concerned with the security of your garden, we are pretty sure this article will help you with all the essential security tips you need to follow in order to keep your garden safe and secure. 

If none of the tips above work, then it is time to call Riverside garden experts and get some professional help. 



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