How to Make Your Garden Space Child-Friendly
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children and nature


Nowadays, children spend most of their time playing with their electronic gadgets inside the house rather than running around in the backyard. One easy way to encourage your children to be more engaged with nature is to create a child-friendly garden. Here are some tips to transform your garden area into one that will make your children want to come outside and play!


Divide the Area into Zones

By separating the garden area into different zones, both adults and kids can easily enjoy some quality time together. Instead of spreading equipment around the garden, put them all together in one zone. This will save space and also make it easier for parents to keep an eye on their children while they are playing.


Think About the Future

Try to purchase equipment that will be with you for the long haul so that you don’t have to think about what to do with all these things when your children grow up. For example, you can hang a swing that can be easily taken down, or you can build a sandpit that can be converted into a pond later on.


Build a Hideaway

There is nothing older children love more than having their own personal hideout. Build them a hut or even a tree house if you can. You can also let them help with the construction and decoration as well! This will be a great place for them to hang out with their friends without any grown-ups around.


children and nature


Make the Areas Suitable For Children

Gardens that are full of shaped hedges and other hard-to-maintain plants and flowers are not exactly child-friendly. You want your children to be able to run around without worrying about ruining the plants. Plant trees and shrubs that are easy to care for so that your children can play freely in the garden!


Create a Nature Zone

To help your children connect with nature, you can dedicate a small area of the garden to attract wildlife. Some plants are able to attract all sorts of butterflies, bees, and birds. With a shallow pond, you may be able to attract frogs and dragonflies to your garden.


Build Tracks

You can create solid tracks that form a loop in your backyard so that your kids can freely enjoy riding bikes, skateboards, and scooters.


Create a Relaxing Area

Nothing beats the pure pleasure of lying on the soft grass, breathing in fresh air, feeling the warm sun on the cheeks, and looking at the clear, blue sky. Provide your kids this kind of experience by creating a lawn area where they can spend their day lying on their backs while appreciating the beauty of nature!


children and nature


Make Sure There Are Shades

Young children have more sensitive skin, making them more prone to sunburn. In addition to sunscreen, you should make sure that the play areas have appropriate shades to protect them from the direct sun as well. The play areas should be positioned under the trees. If that is not possible, you can install a shade sail or an umbrella instead.


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