How to Prevent Water Leaks in Your Home
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prevent water leaks


"Drip…drip…drip", you are praying that it is not your new faucet that you just bought. It is not, it’s your bathtub. Once again, do you face the ugly part of owning a home and for the millionth time keep asking yourself why didn’t you think of it earlier?


You can save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money if you can get in the habit of finding ways to prevent plumbing leaks. Are you ready to be proactive and save a lot of time and money? Here are some great ideas to get the ball rolling.


Look for leaky spots

Nothing comes without a warning, even a little one. So open your eyes and look for those circles that are announcing the damage. If you see a warped or stained wall in your home, it is most likely from leaky pipes. This damage when unchecked can cause many different problems in the future also. It can not only lower the value of your home, but it can also make you renovate and replace a wall behind them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they will always be a warning, but it’s good that once in a while you look for leaky spots. You can also do a testing of your insulation tapes and let the water directly on them before you start their usage on a daily basis.


Check appliances regularly

We have so many appliances in our houses that we forget the last time we checked them. It also refers to devices we use every day. From fridge to washing machine - when was the last time you checked their valves or drains? We sometimes think that because we use it regularly, and it still functions, that everything is ok. But that is the main mistake. Sometimes the damage is inside the appliance or is really small so you can’t see it. That is why every now and then you have to call the electrician and go throw all of your devices away.


check appliances regularly


Have a reliable emergency number

From time to time, we all need our own water hero. In case you didn’t react in time and didn’t prevent the glitch, you need to have an emergency number, the dependable professionals like one in Remseal. The company will have an answer for all types of waterproofing problems and solutions to all areas. In case you don’t get the problem on time, it is good to have a number you can call.


Don’t let your pipes freeze

If you are living in a part of the world with all four seasons or you just have a house in mountains, then you are well known with this type of a problem. Sometimes the temperature can go below the zero, so it may cause the water in your pipes to freeze. After that, because she hardened and spread, pipes are starting to blast, leaving you without your plumbing system, and sometimes even faucets. But don’t be fooled so easily. Homes that are actually more vulnerable to frozen pipes are those in warmer climates because of the pipes which may not be properly insulated against such frigid temperatures. There are many ways to prevent this from happening such as: keep the heat on, leave the interior door or window always a little opened or just apply heating tape.


drain cleaning


Be smart about your cleaning chemicals

Chemical drain cleaning may seem like a quick and easy solution to a stubborn clog. But is this the best approach for clearing the pipes in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room? When have you ever seen a plumber using one of these chemical products in your home? That is because they can do more harm than good. The plumbing damage is worse if you fail to clear your clogged drain. In that case, the chemicals are left stuck in your pipes. The longer they are there, the more time they have to make a bigger damage. Before you reach for a strong cleaning chemical, try using a plunger. After that, you can try a sewer snake, or auger, available at any store that sells plumbing supplies.


There are many ways for water to find her way out of the pipes, but also there are many different methods of preventing it to do so. Some areas of your home are more endangered than others, so be extra careful in those specific, weak spots of your house. Get everything secured and well prepared for all types of climate and various kinds of damages.

Guest post by Audrey Taylor



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