How to Travel and Dress Sustainably
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With recent changes our planet has been going through, there’s no wonder more and more people are starting to accept minimalism, frugality, and sustainability as valid life choices.


Now, embracing these things might not be easy for everyone, but with a bit of effort, it’s definitely possible to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


On the other hand, this type of lifestyle can get challenging in situations when we have to step out of our comfort zones, such as traveling. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you travel and still dress sustainably.


Be more minimalistic

Minimalism looks great when influencers do it since there’s nothing prettier than well-made photos of clean homes and capsule wardrobes, but in reality, it can get a bit complicated for those who are just starting out.


But, relax and fear not, as it is quite simple, and frankly quite liberating. We live in the age of excess consumerism which isn’t that favorable for our planet and sometimes even our well-being. Being always on the edge due to believing there are not enough clothes can make you feel inadequate, especially when traveling.


Instead of buying more and more, try to focus on owning fewer clothes that are more durable and easy to combine with everything else you already own. That way, you’ll never feel annoyed every time you open your wardrobe in search of an outfit.




Invest in quality clothing pieces

Unfortunately, most fast fashion clothes are made of low-quality fabrics, simply due to the fact that, if your clothes tear more, you’ll need to buy more. This is a vicious circle, and in order to break free, you need to let go of the notion that cheap clothes mean a better wardrobe.


Rather than focusing on pretty clothes, it’s more advisable to invest more into pieces that are made of recycled and long-lasting fabrics that won’t get damaged after a couple of washes. Besides, you can also support the local economy by buying from locally-owned brands instead of shopping from fast fashion items that will last you for one season at best.


Change your mindset

Since we live in the age of social media and consumerism, it’s easy to feel compelled to shop for new clothes and shoes every time a pretty celebrity or influencer posts a new photo with a new fashionable clothing item or accessory. The truth is, no, you don’t, and instead of feeling bad about yourself and your earnings, be sure to strive to own well-made clothes that will look good on you regardless of what’s trendy at the moment.


Same goes for footwear: owning countless pairs of shoes will likely clutter your home, while you won’t be able to wear all of them at once. Therefore, it’s better to invest in casual women’s sneakers that you’ll be able to wear on different occasions and still look stylish. This type of mindset will help you save your money and then spend it on something that will actually benefit you, such as a life-changing trip or a new computer.




Make a packing list

Dressing sustainably while traveling also means being more eco-friendly regarding other aspects of your trip. One of them is packing lightly, which basically means having fewer clothes and accessories in your suitcase, as it’s been well-documented that the plan needs to use more fuel if people pack heavily, and using a lot of fuel can seriously damage our environment. Now, some people have issues when packing, and that’s completely understandable. After all, you might stain your clothes or forget something. Therefore, it’s always better to pack some extra stuff. Yet, there are ways to make sure you have enough in your suitcase without overpacking: make a packing list of all the essentials you’ll need while on your trip. Additionally, it’s best to choose clothes that are easy to fold so you won’t overburden your luggage.


Bottom line

Being sustainable can be challenging, but the truth is, once you introduce it to your lifestyle, you’ll feel less worried about impressing others by owning things you don’t need. Once you embrace new habits, you’ll be able to travel with less, while still looking elegant and fashionable, because the true style comes from within, not from a desire to impress others. Next time you feel like changing your wardrobe, feel free to incorporate these tips, as chances are, you’ll feel more focused and self-confident.

Written by Fiona Wood



About the Author

Fiona Wood is a lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. She is in love with good coffee, croissants and fashion magazines. In spare time she plays tennis and traveling around the world.



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