Interview with Daniel Chabert, Founder of Sustainable Sportswear Brand Rockay
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Daniel Chabert is the founder and CEO of Rockay, a sustainable performance wear brand with a mission to provide runners with premium-quality products, but only by using 100% recycled fabrics, and thus reducing their impact on the environment.


In today’s interview, Daniel is talking about how he started Rockay, what makes his brand unique and shares some insights into how he operates his business from a sustainability perspective.


Daniel Chabert


Please, tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

My entrepreneurial endeavours could be traced back to my experiences abroad. I spent one year in Australia and another one in Brazil. It was difficult for me to get a job, so I started working my way around online businesses. Now, I run multiple shops online and Rockay is the only brand.


Rockay is a fusion of my passion for running and environmental aspirations to help clean up our oceans. Our mission is to create a movement for change and call for sustainable production.


Daniel Chabert


What is your philosophy in life that influences the way you do business?

I like to think a lot and be proactive. Sometimes, simple ideas occur to me that later turn into useful business concepts. I think it’s important to control your business in the sense that it doesn’t run you. You should lead your company, not the other way around.


I don’t measure success in the income earned. For me, success is when you’re able to provide solutions to societal problems and leave a stamp in some of the major crises we’re facing, in my case, ocean pollution. There’s a lot of joy in creating, developing and executing something you’re truly passionate about.


Please, describe your brand in more detail. What makes it different from other running apparel brands in the market?

When I was about to launch Rockay, one thing was certain: it wouldn’t be just another label in the apparel industry, contributing to fast fashion and over-consumption. Rockay’s mission is to produce high-quality performance socks every athlete would truly enjoy wearing, while at the same time acting sustainably and contributing to the environmental crises we’re all testifying today.


Our socks are unique as they’re made from 100 percent recycled materials and ocean waste, they’re odor-free; they ensure high performance with features such as seamless toe, breathable mesh zones and special built-in arch compression support, among other characteristics.


Daniel Chabert


What are your brand’s conscious values? And how do you incorporate them into your products, packaging, day-to-day business operations?

Our core vision is to inspire change. To do that, our entire team stands by our brand’s values: quality, integrity, transparency, and sustainability. Thus our products are carefully crafted, improved and field-tested, ensuring only the best quality, while openly displaying our materials, sources and processes. We make all our packaging from 100 percent recycled material and then ship worldwide.


What’s next for your brand?

We plan on launching a full range of 100 percent recycled apparel in 2020. Eventually, our goal is to produce casual clothing and running shoes as well. We take it one step at a time, especially because it takes a lot of effort and improvement to craft and release products that are both high in quality and have a strong environmental impact.


sustainable sportswear


What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is more of a lifestyle to me. Besides sustainable efforts in my business, I try to live by those principles on a daily basis: saving water, energy, re-using bags and reviewing eco-credentials of the products I’m buying.


It really should be adopted and welcomed into our society across all levels. I’m a true believer that we can make an enormous impact if we just shift our individual behavior and opt for more sustainable solutions, as well as on a societal level: government initiatives, projects from non-profit organizations, start-ups and businesses, etc.


sustainable sportswear


In your opinion, how important is the role of business in protecting the environment?

In my opinion, businesses play a crucial role in protecting the environment. Today’s society encourages entrepreneurial initiatives, providing a lot of funds for small, medium and enterprise businesses. New companies are created every single day. The total number of companies worldwide is estimated to exceed 200 million. If each of these companies utilized green business models, sustainable practices and operations, we would have been living in a much cleaner and healthier world.


To learn more about Rockay, visit their website.



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